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Full Moon Virgo Feb 27, 2021

It is time for some much needed healing and relaxing energy. Saturday Feb 27th we will be given just that with a full moon in the grounded sign of Virgo. Full moons are times where things are brought to light, a time of releasing and usually very emotional and tense. The month of February has been filled with strong Aquarian energy that has likely already illuminated things we needed to see and brought in big changes in perception. Virgo is the very grounded and practical sign of the healer and is represented in the tarot by the hermit card. And this grounding, soothing energy is exactly what we need to give us a sense of calming at the end of all the mental chaos.

2021 in numerology is a 5 which represents change and this will be a year of big changes not only within our physical world but in our emotional, spiritual and mental world as well. This full moon is a spiritual and emotional cleanse in a sense. With all of the expansive and insightful Aquarian energy this month you are likely seeing things in a completely new perspective. You are likely seeing the need to make major changes or have experienced unexpected changes within your circumstances. Your dreams and desires that you held for yourself last year are likely shifting this year. This is a time for you to release what is no longer working within your new reality. Take time this week to let go of old emotional baggage. This is not a time to avoid feelings or try to push them down, but a time to let them flow. Take time to see that everything you have been through has brought you something valuable, even if you didn't get the result that you wanted. Let go of guilt, shame or regret for the things that haven't worked out and embrace the fact that you are leaving room for bigger and better things. Don't spend time being hard on yourself but instead take time to look at how far you have come and how much you have grown.

Virgo is the sign of practicality, organization and healthy habits. This is a great time to look at the bad habits you might have and look at what you can do to let these go, especially bad habits that affect your physical and emotional health. This energy will make it easier to let go of negative behaviors and attachments as you are likely to have a stronger desire to take care of yourself. This is also a good time to address things that keep you from feeling organized or that bring distractions into your life. It's all about being practical and letting go of stressful or hectic energies.

Virgo represents inner strength and it is important to take time to honor your personal power and strength. This energy might make you feel more critical of yourself, so make sure you work to shift your focuses towards your strengths and not your weaknesses.

This is very grounded earth energy we are in and with that full moon rituals need to be all about what you can experience physically. Take time to get outside in nature and ground your energy (for those dealing with freezing temperatures, try to find ways to bring nature indoors by getting plants or flowers if possible). Take time to write down the things that you would like to release and burn the paper during the full moon. Some great crystals for this full moon are Jade, Citrine, Flourite and Smokey quartz. These crystals have strong healing energies and will help keep you grounded and protected as well as help you gain clarity. When you take your salt bath this week make sure you add earth elements to it with things such as flowers or even adding crystals to your tub. Oils such as sandalwood and cedarwood are very beneficial during this time as well.

Overall, take care of yourself this week. Think of the Hermit in the tarot deck. It is all about taking time to focus on you. It is perfectly ok to shut out the world and the noise for a day or two and get back to you!

As always, full moon readings are available for $30. Message to book yours! Sending you all much love!


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