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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Capricorn July 5, 2020

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

July 5th will be the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Sounds like fun right??;)This full moon is going to inspire us to take a good look at the balance in our work and personal life and want to figure out a way to bring balance into both. Full moons represent times of releasing what no longer serves our ultimate fulfillment. With Capricorn being the sign of determination, ambition and persistence, this gives us the push to take action towards more long term success andthe strength to make the changes necessary to leave behind things that hold us back. Lunar eclipses bring in endings and these are going to be endings to things that have been toxic energies in our lives and surroundings. We also have Mars in Aries during this time and that is giving us an even bigger push and stronger desire to take any action necessary to bring in changes. You are going to be less tolerable of toxic and negative people and situations in your life during this time. This will bring in some powerful realizations and insights into connections and situations that have had a consistent negative effect on your own happiness and fulfillment. You will be seeking fulfillment and have a stronger desire to work towards things of value. Superficial will no longer feel good.

What we have been experiencing astrologically this year is the breaking down of old outworn structures and ideas that have restricted us from living a life authentic to us and our personal needs. We are being pushed to follow a path that feels good for us, to see ourselves for who we really are as opposed to seeing ourselves from the perceptions of others and to work towards things that give us ultimate fulfillment. Lunar eclipses bring fated the changes are coming whether you want it or not;)This is all for your ultimate happiness. Take time this week to examine what is important to you. Focus on your talents and abilities and your dreams. What in your surroundings is blocking you from working towards what is important to you?

Be prepared for this week to bring more intense and frustrating emotions. The things that are triggering strong emotions in you right now are showing you the areas that need change in your life.

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