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11/11 Portal 2022

Tomorrow represents the magical 11/11 portal ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’ซ This day is said and perceived to be this miraculous day where wishes are suddenly fulfilled, soulmate and twin flame connections magically come into union and the world becomes filled with rainbows and unicorns.......and not to be a bearer of bad news, but its not quite that simple and there's much more to it....part of which requires effort and dedication on your part. 11/11 represents opportunity and doors opening for you and a harmonious connection with the universe and whatever higher power you choose to believe in. It represents a time to make choices that will help you achieve higher and more fulfilling life changes. It requires effort on your part and the effort must start within your thoughts and perceptions and your ability to be open to new opportunities, possibilities and ways of thinking. 11/11 represents a "portal" or a doorway....Meaning that your thoughts, dreams, wishes and desires will open up the door to manifesting but you must also be willing to become more conscious of your thoughts and connection to your guides. It's important to remember that your guides, the universe....the higher power you choose to believe in has granted you free will, meaning you can have anything you desire....nothing is impossible. But you must also put in the energy towards that....starting with trusting in your guides, trusting in the support available, and working to adjust your mindset to the possibilities. It means being willing to dedicate your time and energy in a positive way to your guides and your dreams. Don't waste the energy of this day by waiting for the magic to fall in your lap. ...take time to meditate, pray, listen to and connect with your guides, set intentions, slow down and let go of anything that is going against your dreams and happiness (and that includes all the intrusive thoughts and your inner critic). is a day of magic, but magic is only available to those who believe in it and respect it. 11/11 readings will be available today and tomorrow for $35. Message for more details and to book. Much love โค๏ธ

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