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Aries Full Moon 10/09/22

If you're feeling more tension and frustration than usual or noticing everyone seems on edge, you can blame that on the upcoming Aries Full Moon on October 9th. Aries is the sign of masculine energy, action, desire and passion and the energy encourages us to focus on taking action towards our own personal goals and desires. It's great energy for manifesting and pursuing our passion, but this energy causes conflict in Libra season. Libra energy is about relationships, balance and fairness....but Aries energy is all about taking charge and maintaining independence. Any imbalances in relationships (especially any codependent energies) will be intensified during this time and difficult to ignore. One of the biggest relationship problems is that people tend to look at relationships as what makes you whole....that without a relationship, without the love of the another person we are somehow incomplete. We tend to lose ourselves in relationships and make the other person our number one priority. And that works for a little bit ...while the excitement of the relationship is fresh....but after time that is what becomes the biggest issue. Because so much time and energy has been spent on the relationship and the other person that our own needs and desires and sense of self is now on the back burner. Take note of what is triggering you this week and any tension or agresssion you may be feeling. Tension and anger usually indicate that you have neglected your own desires somewhere. Take some time for you this week and focus on your goals and dreams. What is holding you back from pursuing what feels good for you? Where are you sacraficing your own pleasure and happiness for others? Full Moon readings will be available this week for $30. Message for more details and to book! Much love ❤️

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