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Astrology End of 2022. Everything you need to know to end the year right.

Well.....we have officially made it to the closing out of 2022 and I'm sure we are all ready to throw this year in the trash and start over lol. As crazy as this year has been, if you take a moment to reflect you are likely to see that this year has gifted you with a great deal of strength and growth and you have probably overcome challenges that you never thought you could. Congrats for making it through one of the craziest years ever!

As we approach the winter solstice on 12/21 we are asked to slow down and take time to reflect on the year. What has changed, what have you learned, and what do you want to create in the new year. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, which means there is more time reflecting in the darkness. This is a good time to acknowledge your shadow self and focus on any fears or negativity or bad habits need to be addressed and released.

Capricorn Season begins the following day bringing in the energy of responsibility and commitment. This is a great time to focus on setting long term goals, working on setting boundaries and working on self discipline. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and encourages us to take responsibility and ownership of our lives. 2023 promises to be a very ambitious and busy year, so make sure you take time to make plans, tie up loose ends, and get serious about what is important to you.

On the 23rd we welcome the final new moon of the year. New moons are usually times of new beginnings and setting new intentions but this new moon will ask you to be mindful of what you are committing yourself too and asking you to slow down and reflect before jumping into new things. There is alot of activity around this new moon that will likely trigger alot of tension and old wounds. During this time Chiron will end its retrograde period, which overall is positive, but the initial shift will likely make you more sensitive and feeling more triggered than usual. Chiron represents the wounded healer and is where we hold our deepest pains and fears. Take a moment to check your chiron placement in your birthchart. This will tell you what energies you will be more sensitive to during this time and what to be aware of. With the new moon being in Capricorn this is a good time to acknowledge those wounds or any deep held fears and take responsibility for them. We must remember, it is not others that cause us pain, it is how we react to others and what we choose to hold onto that hurts us.

Its important around this time to be aware of what you are committing yourself to and what you are continuing to allow within your energy. As Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, we are in strong karmic energy closing out the year. Meaning what you commit to and put energy towards will stick around for a long time....make sure it is genuinely what you want. Be willing to finally free yourself from things that are not serving your highest good and be willing to commit yourself to what is important. The energy of the new moon is about the importance of setting boundaries but will also be squared with Jupiter in Aries...which might make it feel more difficult to maintain boundaries. You might notice people being more aggressive or demanding of your time. This is probably the most important time to stick to your boundaries as the new moon energy will help strengthen anything you put energy towards...making it easier to maintain moving forward.

We end the year with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn on 12/29 and this will last for 3 weeks. This retrograde period will have you focusing on your organization skills and removing distractions. Capricorn is asking you to put in the work and work towards your long term goals and visions and when you put this energy in the middle of a mercury retrograde, you might find that suddenly everything feels scattered or that the work you are putting in isnt benefitting. This retrograde will highlight things and areas in your life that need more structure and organization or that could benefit from putting in a little extra time and effort to get things flowing smoothly. This is not the time to blame the retrograde for the issues that are coming up.....but a time to acknowledge the issues and put in the work to make your life more efficient and grounded.

You have all put in an insane amount of hard work this year and should be extremely proud. In all the hectic energy of the year, its possible that there were things we tried to just "slap a band aid" on for temporary fix while dealing with more important things. The closing out of December is a time to readdress anything that we havent fully fixed or completed and tying up any and all loose ends.

I will be offering End of Year readings for the rest of the month for $50. This reading will include a New Moon Reading, Mercury Retrograde reading and what you can expect the last two weeks of 2022. Message me for more details and to book. Much Love

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