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Connections, Love, Soulmates and Twin Flames

The essence of the human and soul experience is that of growth and expansion. We are here to evolve and grow on a physical, emotional, mental and soul level. Everything is energy, including our physical and soul bodies. Energy itself is constant, changing and evolving. This means that we, as humans, cannot expect for things to remain the same and that the concept of seeking something that will be a permanent, steadfast and predictable fixture in our lives is simply unreasonable.

Our human experience thrives on our connection to others and connections throughout our lives are vital for our own personal growth as that is how we learn and experience new things, new ideas, new concepts and feelings. One thing that becomes an issue within relationships (friendships, romantic, family, etc) in our lives is that we tend to look at our connections to others as a source of comfort and stability or as a way to feel validated in some way and while there is nothing wrong with that, that need and perception restricts or prevents growth and what ultimately leads to discontent and problems in our connections.

Unfortunately the majority of us have been raised by a certain set of rules, guidelines and an ideal that we are told to strive for. We are expected to fit in a box of some sort whether that be within our family, society, friendships and belief systems. We are told to "Be ourselves" but in the same sense are restricted from being able to experience that because alot of times that is met with criticism, ridicule or judgements from those around us. Our parents are meant to raise and nurture our growth, but in the same sense were taught by their parents that there are rules and guidelines to that. Children are meant to go beyond what their parents grew to be, to evolve beyond their parents perception, but that is not usually what happens. Instead we are told to hold a certain belief system, an ideal for our career, an ideal for the family we are supposed to raise, an image we are supposed to portray. We crave growth and expansion but are also boxed in by how we are raised and not just by our parents and families, but by society and our connections to other people. So you can see how this can easily create that constant feeling of uncertainty within ourselves and the constant struggle to fully embrace who we are. We are told to embrace the unknown, but then told you have to do things a certain way.....which creates a inherit fear of change. This creates a discomfort in knowing our true selves and so we seek others to show us who we are or give us that sense of belonging. Over time, we lose our sense of self and begin to feel lost.

At a soul level we know that we are all connected but at the human level we feel alone. The reason we feel alone is that we have not allowed ourselves to embrace who we are. Nobody can possibly fit into the box we are expected to fit into because that box does not exist, so we create a box around ourselves. Instead of embracing the idea that relationships or connections are here for our expansion, we look to them to give us security and comfort and stability and we look to either keep others in our own box, or find security in the box of another. We meet people and place them into categories depending on the comfort we are seeking. When we are seeking romantic relationships, we are sizing people up to see if they will be our long term partner or give us that comfort we seek permanently. When we are seeking friendships we are seeking someone to validate us or help us to feel that sense of belonging. And at times when we don't know what we want, we seek connections to others ultimately as a way of passing the time....and all of this takes us away from acknowledging who we are and the depths of our own needs and our own growth. Again, most of us have not been given the freedom to embrace the truth of who we are, what gives us happiness, what inspires us or the freedom to pursue these things and so we are seeking others to give us comfort in the box we are in. And while this gives us satisfaction on some level, it is only temporary because these types of relationships and connections we embrace are the connections that prevent growth. Relationships have become more of a thing of ownership or a trophy or a "rite of passage" of sorts. We fear change in relationships that we do have because change will take us out of our box and we fear losing that comfort.

Does this mean that all of our connections are meant to be fleeting or temporary? Absolutely not. But it does mean that we have to learn to allow more freedom in all of our connections and within ourselves. The truth is this....We will never find the ultimate happiness we seek until we are able to acknowledge ourselves and who we truly are free from the perceptions of others. We have to find that love and confidence within ourselves outside of needing the validation of another person. This does not mean you are meant to be alone and it does not mean you have to remain alone in the process of discovering who you are. But it does mean that we have to stop expecting others to be a source of consistency or permanence or put labels on our connections or expect others to provide us with specific needs and instead, embrace the idea that part of our growth involves learning from others and expansion of ourselves and our perceptions by our connections to other people. We have to embrace that each of us has different needs, different desires, different ways to grow, different paths and that to expect others to be a specific way in order to fulfill our needs is simply unreasonable. Alot of times you will find that in relationships romantic or otherwise, that we or the people we are connected to get uncomfortable when someone changes or when someone breaks the routine or does something outside of the norm. We tend to fear that when someone changes something, that means that we will be suddenly left behind, or that means that the person no longer wants to acknowledge us and we become fearful. We fear losing people because in essence we fear change, we fear being alone because we have not been able to fully embrace and accept who we are.

So what does this really mean for the connections we have in our lives? It means that we should open up to new ways of experiencing them. Keep the idea of growth and expansion in mind and see connections to others as a source of inspiration, fun, joy and a way to learn new perceptions. Look at the connections you many are connections out of comfort or routine and how many inspire growth? Understand that there are many different types of connections in our lives and people who are in our lives for different purposes and let go of trying to place these connections into a category.

Most of us have the perception that a "soulmate" connection is a romantic relationship or that "one true long lasting love". But soulmate connections can be romantic, friendship, family and even perceived enemies. Soulmates are those that we have a past life connection to or a more spiritual connection to. They exist to teach us something valuable within ourselves and within our lives. These connections can exist to help us discover more of our true authentic selves or to help us expand in our lives in some way. They are in some way a mirror of ourselves. They are showing us qualities within ourselves that we need to address, showing us new ways of thinking, showing us healing that needs to be addressed within ourselves or to show us our own strengths. They appear in our lives at specific times whether it be at times of great change, or times when we are preparing for change or needing change. Because they are spiritual connections, there is a deeper sense of knowing or an instant or easier bond with these people. They invoke different emotions and perceptions within us, in essence to show us something important. Sometimes these connections are life long and sometimes these connections leave once a specific change is made or a karmic lesson learned. These connections invoke a stronger emotional or spiritual reaction/response in us. These can be toxic relationships with people that seem to bring out the worst in us as well as connections that inspire us. They can be that family member that is always seemingly judging you or that friend who always seems to know the right thing to say at just the right time. They can show up as relationships that you feel a strong connection to, someone you feel is the one, relationships you instantly cling to and feel will be long lasting, but that end up being a constant back and forth battle of extreme highs and extreme lows. Regardless of how they present themselves, they are meant to be in our lives for a specific reason that in essence is helping us grow and to learn to embrace our true selves. If you feel that within your life you have always attracted negative or toxic people or connections to others that bring a level of pain or chaos, then chances are these people represent soulmate connections in your lives that are meant to push you to change a perception within yourself and bring you a level of healing within yourself to help you to evolve to a place of more emotional fulfillment within yourselves. The reason that these connections are sometimes so toxic is that some of us are stubborn and have to learn lessons the hard way ;) and these people tend to invoke such strong emotions in us, eventually we learn to push through and gain the knowledge needed to move forward. If you are someone looking for a long term relationship and find that you continue to attract people that avoid commitment, that might be showing you that on a deeper level you fear commitment or you lack feeling secure within yourself. Everyone in your life is a message for you and meant to inspire growth and when you begin to look at connections in this way, it will make your relationships easier.

So what about Twin Flame connections? Twin flame connections are a deeper soulmate connection. This is a soul connection to another that has existed across numerous past lives. In essence, this is the other half of you. It is said that our own soul is constantly evolving and growing in each lifetime and when your soul reaches a certain level of growth, it splits into two souls (a twin flame connection) to spend lifetimes evolving to an even higher level of spiritual and soul growth. At a soul and subconscious level, this person knows exactly who you are and what you are meant to achieve. This person knows your true authenticity and knows the greatness in you. That is the reason that upon entering into these types of connection, you feel such an instant bond and comfort and excitement. You have spent so much time feeling alone, not embracing your true self or questioning who you really are and this person in essence embodies every aspect of that. These are the connections that are meant to remain in your life and this is a relationship that is meant to evolve to the highest level. Because this person subconsciously knows who you really are, these are connections that push you to acknowledge who you really are. This person will in essence not accept you at an inauthentic place and vice versa. This person knows what you are capable of and feels your greatness and wants you to embrace that within yourself. These connections cannot peacefully exist when both people have deep insecurities, or fears, or unhealed wounds because those things form walls around us and prevent us from being authentic. People tend to say that within the twin flame relationships there is always a runner and a chaser. Someone runs from the connection and someone chases....But in reality that is not at all the case. The relationship bond that you are seeking, the commitment, the physical deep connection cannot exist without both people embracing their authenticity and having that love and confidence in yourself. Twins "Run" from fake and "chase" for validation and neither can exist in a relationship of unconditional love. For those who feel that they have been blessed with having these twin flame connections, at times it seems to be a constant battle. You perceive that you finally have met your person but it is kept just slightly out of reach from you. You get sucked into this constant push and pull because the relationships that we have had in our past have been those connections that have embraced our desire for comfort and stability, but this connection requires change. There is that desire to grasp onto the relationship for fear of losing it forever, but those connections cannot be broken or lost. There is a fear that the other will find someone better, will move on, will never embrace us or the connection, but those fears are just that....Fear. It is a perception we have been raised to hold onto that is false. The perception that if someone is not on the same level as us, if someone does not remain in our box...that we are alone or unworthy....the need to feel accepted for who we are but the inability to embrace who we really are. The deep love that exists in these types of connections requires that we embrace the aspect of true unconditional love, not just for the other person, but for ourselves as well. It requires that we embrace our own soul growth and our souls desire for growth and expansion and change. It means we have to accept that each of us has our own path and our own process and different needs in this process. It means that you embrace first who you truly are....What are your desires, what inspires you, what are your fears, insecurities...what are your beliefs outside of everyone else in the world. Second that you embrace the human experience of evolution ...Keep seeking to learn and grow in whatever inspires you. It means you trust in the love that you feel for the other and embrace their path even if that means that at times it is not the same as yours. It means you acknowledge all connections in your life and embrace what those connections are teaching you and it means you allow the other to learn from the connections they have. It means that true and pure love, the fulfilment that you seek cannot be placed in a box or owned but allowed to grow. Remember, at a soul level this person knows what you are capable of and knows what greatness you can achieve in your life and that is the person they want to embrace you as.

So what does this all mean if you feel alone in your life? What if you feel as if you have no strong bonds to others, no twin flame, no one you feel connected to? It means that you are being given time to discover yourself. Alot of times we go through drastic changes in our lives and end up suddenly feeling alone. We fear that we are doomed to a life of solitude. During these times we sometimes seek out connections out of boredom or to have some sort of presence in our lives. We connect to people who feel shallow or leave us feeling uninspired or just feel unable to connect to anyone at all. These are times when we are meant to take a deeper look into ourselves and rediscover who we are. Remember we are constantly evolving and our needs and desires change and there is nothing wrong with that. Embrace these times of solitude and take time to get to know yourself. You will connect with the right people at the right time. The more you embrace you and learn to fall in love with yourself, the more you attract people who feel the same. The more you find inspiration within yourself, the more you attract people who will inspire you.

Remember, your connections are a reflection of you, whether that be an aspect of who you aspire to be or an aspect of yourself you need to acknowledge...But all are showing you a path to the life you desire in some way shape or form.

Sending you all Much Love <3

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