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December Astrology...It's Actually Really Good!!!!

The last month of 2020 is a pretty big month in terms of astrology....don't worry, it will be a nice change from the craziness we have experienced this year.

For starters, we started December with Mercury entering into Sagittarius. This is giving us all a strong desire for truthful and honest communication along with the confidence to speak our truth without fear. Sagittarius is all about expansion and with the Sun being in this sign also for the first half of the month, we are able to focus on the bigger picture and feel a little more optimism. This gives us a stronger desire to speak up and have honest conversations. Be mindful that with everything we have dealt with and bottled up this year that we all run the risk of being harsh with taking a moment to think before you speak is a good idea this month. Venus will also move into the sign of Sagittarius on the 15th and this is helping us to be more honest with our feelings in relationships. You will feel more of a desire for expansion within relationships and are more focused on doing what is right not only in relationships but for your own personal future as well. On the same day Chiron will go direct after being in retrograde for the past 6 months. Chiron retrograde has forced us all to experience a great deal of old wounds coming to the surface and has caused a great deal of emotional upheaval. It is all for the purpose of clearing away old wounds that prevent you from being open to receiving abundance and love. With Chiron going direct we are able to release these wounds for good and feel a sense of final closure to past situations that have haunted you.

December 14th brings in not only a Solar Eclipse, but the new moon in Sagittarius as well. Solar eclipses are similar to extremely potent new moons and so this energy brings in openings and new beginnings that we would normally think were impossible. Changes during Solar eclipses happen at a much faster rate and this energy will bring in huge shifts in our belief systems and a strong desire to make big changes. You will be feeling a stronger desire to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. Sagittarius helps us see the bigger picture and encourages us to make up our own minds and take action towards our deepest desires. This energy has the possibility to bring in good news out of the blue and open up opportunities to put you on a completely new path in life.

Since December of 2017, Saturn has been in the sign of Capricorn and that will finally end on the 16th as Saturn moves into the expansive, freedom loving sign of Aquarius. Saturn in Capricorn has been an extremely restrictive energy over the past few years and has highlighted issues with authority, toxic relationships, and pushed us to take responsibility for our lives, especially in areas where negative things have had a negative hold. Those of you with a lot of Capricorn in your chart have probably felt this energy the most and have been dealing with extremely difficult energies over the past few years. This has also been affecting the sign of Cancer, as Cancer is on the opposite end. This has strongly affected relationships and partnerships for those of you who have your Sun in the sign of Cancer. Saturn is the planet of karma and this time has pushed everyone to clear away negative karmic energies that have run their course. The good news is that Saturn also brings rewards when it leaves a sign and brings blessings for hard work. If you look back over the past few years and take note of what you have struggled with the most, this will be the area of life that you will start to receive blessings in over the next month. Saturn also rewards integrity and if you have kept your focus on trying to do what is right for you and your own happiness, expect to see a positive shift in your life in the coming month. We will now have Saturn entering Aquarius. This will not be as much of a restrictive energy as Capricorn and will actually bring in determination to breakthrough boundaries in our lives. This gives us a desire for freedom in the broader, more collective sense as opposed to personal boundaries.

Jupiter will also be entering the sign of Aquarius on the 19th. This brings in a beautiful expansive energy. This brings in a desire for freedom from ego. The energy is more focused on collective energy and a desire to make the world a better place. This will bring in an energy that helps us think outside of the box and even brings in bigger advancements in technology.

On the 21st we experience a very rare Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. This brings in huge changes within our society especially within the realms of science and technology. This is also going to highlight your career and give insight to your own personal path in your career field. This can bring in big promotions or unexpected opportunities to change careers all together...the ultimate theme being to put you on a path that is more meant for you.

By the last week of the month with the sun and Mercury moving into Capricorn on the 21-22 we will have a new focus and new inspiration to bring us into 2021. And by ending the month in the strong dedicated energy of Capricorn, we will have the energy and determination to set new goals and begin working towards something more meaningful.

This month promises to bring in an energy of enlightenment and opening us up to a new level of love and compassion. Heart chakra work is recommending during this month. Along with mediations, take time to pamper yourself and show yourself some love. Bring nature into your house or work surroundings by adding some plants and flowers indoors and spend some time in nature if you can.

As always, New Moon/Solar Eclipse readings will be available this month for $25. I am also offering a 2021 New year reading! The reading is $40. I also have an option for the New Year Tarot reading along with a look into your personal astrology for the year for a total of $55. Message for details and to book your reading.

Enjoy the month all! Sending much love!


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