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Full Blue Moon Taurus Oct 31, 2020

Happy Halloween! This year we get the excitement of not only having a Full Moon on Halloween, but this will be a rare Blue Moon as well. A blue moon occurs when there are 2 full moons in one month, which only occurs once every two to three years. This makes for much more intense and powerful energies that will cause heightened emotions, but in the end promises powerful and transformative changes.

The full moon will be in the Taurus which is the sign of sensuality, persistence, luxury, loyalty as well as stubbornness. Full moons always represent a time of release and purging of the things that are blocking growth, and with this being the second of the month emotions will definitely be more intense. The moon is opposite the Sun which is in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio and Taurus are complete opposites so this is going to bring a feeling of being completely off balance at times. Taurus likes for things to be simple, while Scorpio craves depth and mystery. Scorpio thrives on transformation and change, while Taurus needs stability and comfort. The key to navigating through this is to find the balance within both.

The focus during this time is centered around what it is that we want and desire to create and manifest in our lives, and what is actually manifesting in our physical world. What steps are you taking to achieve what you desire and what are you holding onto that keeps you from actually obtaining these desires. Taurus has a tendency towards stubbornness and this full moon will show you where you are being too bullheaded in your life and what you perceptions and ideas are no longer serving you.

This full moon is conjunct with Uranus, which is currently retrograde in the sign of Taurus. This will bring about even more heightened emotions and you might find that you are triggered easier than usual over the next couple of weeks. It is important to acknowledge what is being triggered for you. Chances are this is showing you where you are being too stubborn or something that you are holding on too tightly to. Anything that triggers you is showing you where there is change needed. We cannot expect to bring in better things or more positive changes while maintaining the same energy and perceptions that we have held onto. Uranus is the planet of awakening and powerful changes and this time is showing us what physical and practical changes we can make in order to achieve better. Uranus also brings about unexpected change, so you can expect information or insights coming to the surface that can be shocking, to say the least. This is showing us what we need to see within ourselves and within our own surroundings and will help us have more clarity on our own personal desires and path forward.

In the midst of all of this Mercury is in Retrograde and will be in the sign of Libra over the next 6 days. Venus has also moved into the sign of Libra and this means there will be a big focus on relationships and partnerships. This will highlight any imbalances in relationships and show where changes need to be made to bring more balance into our connections. Fortunately, Libra is the sign of fairness and understanding so this will make it slightly easier to work through issues.

This is also a time for heightened intuition and a greater connection with our guides and our own personal inner guidance system. You might notice a big increase within your dreams or that you feel more tapped into your own intuition on a deeper level. Pay attention to the messages you are getting and have confidence in following your own personal truth.

Taurus also rules our relationship to money and possessions. This is a time to look at your own personal relationship to money and what you place value on in your life. It is a time to find balance within your material world and what your physical needs an desires are and your own emotional and spiritual needs are. Holding to tightly to one aspect or the other will not bring you the fulfillment that it has in the past. Be mindful of what you feel you are lacking or wanting during this time and examine if you are allowing room for that in your life.

It is important to stay grounded during this emotional time. By taking time to ground yourself and working on being in the present moment you can easily navigate during this period and have more awareness and clarity on what your path forward is and how to easily achieve your own personal goals.

Remember...this is a blue moon which is symbolic of a rare opportunity. This is an opportunity for powerful change in our lives. What is it that you really want? Are you living the life you want or the life you feel stuck in? Yes, things feel crazy and like everything is falling apart, or not what it seems....but this is also the perfect time to rewrite your life on YOUR terms. Change is never easy or comfortable or fun....but neither is staying in the same place.

Sending you all much love! As always, I will be offering Full Moon Readings for $25 dollars. Check on the website or on my Facebook page to book your appointment (

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