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Full Buck Aquarius Moon July 23, 2021

Friday July 23rd will bring us the first of 2 consecutive Aquarius full moons of the year (as the August full moon will be in Aquarius as well). Full moons represent times of harvest, or times to see the rewards of the things you have been working to manifest. Full moons bring in heightened energy as everything during this energy is highlighted including our emotions, our intuition, and even frustrations. This is because full moons are times for us to see things clearly in order to see what is available to us and see what is possibly blocking our path and desired manifestations. Pay attention to everything that is brought to your attention during this time, good and bad, and be willing to address and release anything that is no longer serving a purpose in your life (whether that be toxic emotions, outworn perceptions or even toxic connections in your life).

This Full Moon will be in the innovative and eccentric sign of Aquarius. Aquarius represents an energy of out of the box thinking as well as seeing things on a collective/societal level. This energy wants us to expand our thinking as well as our connections to others and our own limited mindsets. What this means for this full moon is that you will be hit with new ways of seeing things and new innovative ideas to help you break through any blockages in your life. Aquarius is represented by the Star card in the Tarot deck which is the card of wish fulfillment, vulnerability, and a strong card of healing. While Aquarius is known as "the water bearer" it is not a water sign, but an air sign. It gives the ability to detach from emotions without closing off from them and helps us work through and heal our emotions in a positive way. Take advantage of this energy and take note of any and all strong emotions and feelings coming up for you during the next couple of weeks. Ask yourself what is triggering or bringing up these feelings and what your heart wants from this.

During this full moon we are also in the middle of Chiron retrograde period. Chiron retrograde will have the tendency to bring up old emotions and triggers to the surface (especially wounds from early age or childhood). Chiron is known as "The wounded healer" because the deep wounds that you may carry will also ultimately become your biggest strengths. Take note of where you are being triggered during this time and use this Aquarius energy to take a good look at those wounds. It is likely that you find that the same types of things will continue to trigger you, or that you have experienced the same types of wounds throughout your life. When we are able to see the triggers and address where the stemmed from, we kick start the healing energy and help to release the wounds for good. When something can no longer trigger you, it becomes your strength. Understand that blocking the feelings is not a way to prevent things from triggering you, but instead allowing yourself to feel it and embrace it is what brings the most healing.

This moon is in a tense aspect with Venus as well as in an energy completely opposite of the Sun in Leo. While Aquarius is all about the collective and healing, Leo wants the focus to be on ourselves and our personal needs. This might feel conflicting at times but it will also help you to see where things are imbalance in your surroundings (especially in your relationships). Life is all about balance! Any connections where you feel unsupported will feel more unbearable during this time and this is to show you that there needs to be a balance of give and take in all of our connections.

You will notice during this full moon that your intuition is heightened and an increase in the amount of dreams that you have. Take note of all of the energies, hunches and intuitive energies coming to you during this time as these always carries messages and guidance on your path forward. Take time to work on your 3rd Eye chakra during this time (as Aquarius energy activates your intution and 3rd eye charka). The 3rd eye chakra is the element of Light and you can help to activate and open this chakra by taking time to focus on light purple light or even just bringing more light into your home. Meditation is very helpful with this chakra, so try to take 5-15 minutes a day to meditate (mornings are the best times). Also Amethyst is a great crystal to carry around during this energy as it awakens our intuition as well as promotes an energy of calm. As always, full moons are times for releasing, to make sure you cleanse/smudge your house and take a nice cleansing salt bath.

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Sending you all much love!


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