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Full Moon Aquarius--Authenticity In Your Connections

When we are able to learn to fully love and honor ourselves and our own authenticity, we take away the ability to fall victim to pain inflicted on us by others. When we are truly able to love ourselves, we let go of the desperate need to be accepted by others and thus take away anyone's ability to hurt us. Today's Aquarius Full Moon is helping reflect to us how our connections to groups, friends, relationships, and the collective beliefs we associate with impact how much we are truly are able to love and honor ourselves. What role are you playing in your connections, and how do you truly see yourself in comparison to the people you connect to or aspire to emulate or learn from? Are you connecting more often to people you feel less than worthy around, or are you able to feel joy in being yourself around others? What is vital for us to keep in mind is that we are not really raised to know how to truly love ourselves, which is why it does seem difficult, and it does involve a conscious consistent effort on your part to work on making changes that help you honor your love for yourself. If you think of it, most religions teach the concept that we are all born we instinctively believe there is some higher power that sees us as imperfect and we feel we need to fix ourselves or be judged. Our parents raise us, teaching us that their ways are the right ways to follow, and so we believe we need to be like them or appease to their needs and beliefs to feel accepted in some aspect. So we are subconsciously seeking to mold ourselves to the needs and views of others before we are taught how to love and honor ourselves. So's not easy to just love yourself, but it's vital to learn if you want to live a life you feel you can thrive in instead of feeling like a puppet. If you feel you are constantly having to adjust, hide, dial down your energy, or you find you just dont feel worthy within your own collective of people....then are they really your people? Much love ❤️

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