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Full Moon Cancer 1/06/23

January 6 will be the first full moon of 2023. This full moon is in the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon....thus intensifying the lunar influence bringing emotions and intuitive energy to the forefront this week. This full moon will amplify every emotion you are feeling, good or bad, because the Cancer full moon is reminding you that your feelings are important. Your emotions and feelings play a huge role in what you manifest in your day to day life because what you predominantly feel, is what you will consistently manifest. We are currently in the middle of serious and practical Capricorn energy, which likely has us all more focused on our responsibilities than anything else. The cancer full moon is reminding you that you have emotional and spiritual needs to tend to as well. We have a tendency to try to ignore, hide or push down our feelings especially when we have important goals to work on or have alot of stress to deal with....but trying to ignore our emotions and feelings only intensifies them until they erupt in the most unexpected and usually unwanted times. Take time this week to acknowledge your emotional world and what you are feeling. Your feelings are telling you everything you need to know and in essence helping to guide you on the path to your highest good and biggest dreams. Cancer represents motherly energy so make sure you are taking time to nurture and care for yourself. Find a healthy way to acknowledge and express your emotions by doing things like Journaling, breath work and even having a good cry. I will be offering full moon readings this week for $25. Message to book ❤️ Much love ❤️

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