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Full Moon Eclipse Taurus 10/28

This week represents a powerful time for intense change, transformation, and closing of 2 year cycles that have run their course. We end the week with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus, which asks us to examine our relationship to safety, security, and risks that are worth taking. Lunar eclipses tend to be emotionally charged, but that is because they are revealing truths to us that need to be seen in order to help us create necessary changes. Being that Taurus is ruled by Venus, this energy is affecting our relationships and commitments as well as our finances, security, and our ability to enjoy the pleasures of life. Are you genuinely sitting in a safe and secure place within your relationships and finances or are you settling for controlled chaos because it's what you are used to? What money habits are keeping you in a constant state of insecurity in money? And are your long held beliefs truly bringing you joy or are they keeping you in a state of constant lack? Be mindful of patterns or negative cycles that are reappearing during this time as these are reflecting to things that need to be changed and or released. I will be offering Full Moon/Eclipse readings this week for $35. Message to book yours today. Much love ❤️

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