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Full Moon Cancer 12/29/20

On December 29, 2020 we will have the last and final full moon of 2020! And falling right into theme of this roller coaster of a year, this full moon promises to be an emotional one, as it is in the watery sign of Cancer. Full moons are times of release and this week will be time for you to cleanse heavy emotions that you have carried over the year. Cancer is the sign of home, nurturing, our loved ones and our internal world and this will be the biggest focus on this time. We have experienced a great deal of change, loss, and uncertainty this year that has forced us all out of our comfort zone and chances are with the seemingly constant upheaval of this year, it has been difficult for you to take time and really address, heal and grieve the changes that have occurred. As we end the year and embrace new beginnings, it is vital for us to release the emotions that are draining and be willing to let go of the things that cause constant tension. You will be feeling much more emotional over the week and experience a great deal of up and down feelings. Give yourself time to feel the feels and release in anyway you can (whether that be by crying it out, screaming, journaling, taking a bath or just taking extra time to rest).

This full moon is forming a square with the sun and Chiron (the wounded healer in astrology). What this means is that you might experience or have to face deep emotional wounds that you have previously tried to avoid or push down. The difficulty in this energy is that you will want to try to fix and and change these issues, which leads to a desire to try to control your own healing or control the outcome. With this energy, you will be pushed to feel it in order to deal with and heal properly as trying to fix it will not work. This emotions are more than likely feelings of regret, shame, guilt, or fears that you have felt for so long that you have become comfortable in the pain. During this energy you will feel these feelings on a more intense level, pushing you to face them once and for all and let go of the baggage these emotions have left in your emotional world.

This time is also asking you to examine where you are projecting your energy, time and nurturing? Make sure you give as much time to yourself as you do to others. Take time to examine any areas in your life where you tend to overextend yourself or feel that you need to prove yourself? Understand that the desire to overachieve is an insecurity as well, as this shows too much concern in how others see you. This year has pushed us all to stand in our own truths and anything that causes us to feel restricted in how we present ourselves will be put on the forefront.

Along with this emotional energy is some good news! This entire year we have felt restrictive energies of numerous retrogrades, but we have finally shifted out of these energies and are entering the more positive energy of expansion and growth. This is adding the ability to have a fresh perspective on our emotions along with the passion and energy to give it the one final push to move towards something more promising. Your intuition will be extremely heightened during this time so make sure you are grounding your emotions. You will be able to sense and trust the right steps to take forward and feel more confident in your own inner guidance during this time especially the more you release and ground emotions.

Cancer is the sign of mothering and nurturing energy so take time to give this energy to yourself. Forgive yourself, take time to be proud of how much your have accomplished and embrace the love you feel in your heart for yourself as well as others. We have almost made it to the end of one of the most difficult years in a long time and we should all be proud that we are still standing!

Sending you all much love! As always, Full Moon readings are available for $25. Message me to book!


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