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Full Moon Eclipse Sagittarius 5/26/21

Get ready for a week of some intense energy that promises to bring in major transformations. Wednesday May 26th is the Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius, also known as the blood moon. Full moons are times of powerful energy and illumination. Lunar eclipses add intensity to the full moon and are energies meant to bring in new insights, reveal truths and help bring about irreversible change. Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, spontaneity, optimism and expansion, making this a time of breaking out of old thought patterns and restrictions and propelling us forward on a more expansive path. This energy is going to have you reevaluating your belief system and mindset to help you let go of any outdated perceptions and challenging you to think in a more expansive way.

Eclipses are times where powerful truths are revealed and where anything hidden is brought to light. This is a time where you are being pushed to expand, expand your perception, your desires and your ideals. Anything that is blocking that expansion will be made clear to you during this time. We are being guided to embrace our authentic truth, to step into more authentic connections and relationships, to pursue things that inspire us and to examine the perceptions we hold that are preventing growth.

Full moons are times of releasing what no longer serves us. Think of the intentions and desires you have had in mind over the last 6 months and what you have been focusing on manifesting. The full moon will bring this energy to fruition and anything that is blocking your manifestations will be shown to you. The intensity of this full moon is intended to bring in permanent release of blockages and clearing of karmic energies. Notice the things that seem to be falling away or becoming more difficult right now. Allow these things to exit your life, even if it is painful as these releases will help bring in more of what you desire.

Along with the full moon, we are in a Saturn retrograde as well as stepping into Mercury retrograde. This is going to add a level of frustration as this will make you feel more restricted than normal. You might notice you are feeling more distrusting of others right now or find relationships and connections more difficult. With this energy it is important to turn your focus inward and be mindful of your personal thought process and mindset. Retrogrades are times to examine things you can do to bring about change as well as look at where you might be blocking your own blessings. The biggest blockage we face in lives is in our own perception and our limiting beliefs. We create our reality with our thoughts and emotions. If we perceive the world to be cruel and punishing...that is the energy we will experience. If you feel that you hold limiting perceptions, fears, insecurities or doubts, try to take some time to examine where these perceptions began. By finding the source or the start, we can begin the healing and releasing process. This might seem like a daunting task, but the energy this week will help you to see things in a clear way and give you more insight into how to heal and release.

Authenticity is key this week. What is your truth and how do you show that to the world? The essence of a spiritual awakening is being able to see and stand in your own truth. The more you embrace your authentic self, the more you manifest authentic connections, abundance and fulfillment.

For those who do full moon rituals make sure you are doing releasing rituals during this week. Cleanse your space by smudging and clearing clutter. Cleanse your personal energy by carrying clearing crystals such as selenite and taking a salt bath (a warm bath with 1/2 cup of Epsom or Himalayan salt). For those who charge your crystals under the full moon, keep in mind eclipses are times of intense release and not beneficial times to cleanse your dont put them out this month!

You might find unexpected truths or insights being revealed during this time. Be mindful not to make any rash decisions right now and take time to look at the "fine print". Keep in mind this will bring in more permanent changes, so think before you react.

As always full moon readings are available for $30. I am also offering Mercury retrograde readings and Saturn retrograde readings for $30 each ($50 if you book 2 and $75 if you want to book all three). Message me for more details and to book.

Take time to rest this week and be patient with yourself and others. Sending you all much love.


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