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Full Moon Gemini 12/28/21

Welcome to the last full moon of 2021!!! Friday the 18th will be the Full moon in Gemini, also known as the Cold Moon. Full moons represent times of illumination, heightened awareness, releasing the old and celebrating growth. In the sign of Gemini, the energy of this full moon will be felt in our communication, learning and how we maintain balance in our lives. Gemini is the sign of duality and this energy is asking you to examine all aspects before moving forward. This is a time to reflect on what you have learned this year and what goals you want to set moving forward. It's a time to find balance in your traditional beliefs and perceptions and new ways of thinking.

This full moon is in a positive aspect with Jupiter, which will bring an energy of good luck and expansion. Gemini's energy and power lies within thoughts, communication and intentions. Making this the perfect time to start speaking and thinking your desires into existence. Your thoughts and words have power right now and anything your put your focus towards will expand.

We will also be experiencing the Venus Retrograde in Capricorn starting on the 19th. This combined with the full moon will bring any relationship issues as well as issues with money to the surface. Understand that things are surfacing for the purpose of being resolved. Retrogrades represent a time for inner reflection and in the sign of Capricorn this retrograde is asking you to take responsibility. This is a time to acknowledge the role you play in your own happiness as well as the role you play in your relationships. The more we understand ourselves, the more we are able to understand others and find balance in relationships. With the Sun in Sagittarius and the moon in Gemini, the energy is positive for open honest communication. Sagittarius is an energy that desires to learn and this brings in more ease in and flow in working out relationship issues or conflicts.

Any negative karmic cycles and energies are being cleared and healed over the next couple of weeks. Don't be surprised if exes or old friends resurface. This is a time to take in everything you have learned and what holds value to you moving forward. The way to clear negative and karmic energies is by learning and changing the way you handle it moving forward.

As always full moon readings are available for $30 for the next two weeks. Message to book yours! Much love.


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