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Full Moon Leo Jan 28, 2021

January 28th brings us the first full moon of 2021 in the creative and confident sign of Leo. Full moons are times of completion and a time to release energies, feelings and things that are blocking us from manifesting our intentions. Leo is the sign of creativity, boldness, self expression and confidence. This full moon promises to bring our emotions and desires to center stage and heighten our need to be heard and acknowledged. This will be a period that will intensify any needs within ourselves that we have overlooked.

Leo is creative and bold and this will give us the boost of energy we need to pursue our deepest dreams and desires along with the means to tackle any obstacles that might be in our way. Everyone will feel more confident and determined to express themselves, their feelings and their ideas over the next week. This energy can help to manifest change that brings in abundance within our love life and our career as well, especially if we are able to lead from our heart and not our ego. Leo wants you to follow your hearts desires, but keep in mind that Leo also craves attention and mindful that you are following what feeds your soul and not the ego's need for acknowledgement.

This full moon is square with Mars which is the planet of action, passion and sometimes aggressive energy. This will add some intensity and bring in some restless energy. It brings in more of a desire to obtain our needs especially those that we feel passionately about, but can also cause a great deal of impulsiveness and anger if we feel we are restricted. Understand that full moons are a time where energies are already heightened; this extra umph from Mars can lead to a lot of reckless behavior. Take some time to think before you act and make sure you are focused on the long term. Be mindful that this is bringing out some aggressive energies in others, so try not to take things too personally and be willing to protect yourself from people who might not have your best interests at heart. With this energy, generosity and kindness might be misinterpreted as weakness from those who act from lower vibrations and this can lead to being taken advantage of. Make sure you are protecting your own energy and trusting your instincts right now.

The full moon is also opposite Jupiter which will heighten our confidence and excitement but can also lead to overconfidence or feeling a lack of self control. Ask yourself what are your desires? What fuels your passion? What is it you ultimately want? Having the confidence and excitement is vital to obtaining your desires....just take time before you act to make sure you are not simply seeking temporary satisfaction that will have long term negative effects. Full moons are times to release blockages...not adding extra problems!

We also have Saturn square Uranus which commands change and change that has long term benefits. Saturn wants dedication and hard work and commitment to goals and Uranus will clear away what blocks you from embracing that energy. With Venus conjunct with Pluto, this brings in a deep desire for love and a deeper companionship. You will be craving connections with depth and long term commitment...but this is contrasting with the Leo/Mars desire for action and excitement. This can cause a great deal of frustration and restlessness. Take some extra time each day to ground your energy by doing 5 minutes of deep breathing. This will give you more confidence in your actions and ensure you are not acting out of impulse.

The Sun is in alignment with Jupiter and overall this will be a very positive and optimistic energy. Be confident in expressing yourself and following your heart! Expect others to be more expressive with their emotions (good and bad). Use this creative energy to follow things that spark your passion, just take a moment to make sure you are following passion and your heart and not ego.

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Sending you all much love!


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