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Full Moon Libra March 28, 2021

Get ready for an emotional week everyone! On Sunday March 28th we will have a full moon in the Libra (the sign of relationships and partnerships). Full moons are times of closure and releasing in order to make room for the new. During full moons, everything that is hiding in the dark becomes illuminated. This is why we experience heightened emotions, stronger fears/insecurities, stronger pull towards what we desire, stronger intuition, and increased activity in our dream state. The energy is to push us to see what our desires are as well as anything that is blocking us from receiving what it is we want to manifest. With this full moon being in the balanced and relationship focused sign of Libra, our love life and close partnerships will be on the forefront over the next week. Libra desires balance and fairness and wants to work with others. You will feel a stronger desire to bring balance into your relationships, but at the same time be able to see clearly things that are seemingly unfair in your close connections. Any relationship issues will be harder to ignore during this time, but there is also more of a willingness to work through these energies together...making this a good time to heal relationship blockages.

You might be experiencing conflicting energies and emotions over the next week due to the Sun and Moon being in completely opposing signs. The sun is in the independent and assertive sign of Aries, while the moon is in the cooperative, peace loving sign of Libra. You feel desire for independence and taking charge of your life, but at the same time feel a stronger desire for the love and support of a relationship. They key to working through these energies is to make sure you are making room for both. Make sure you are attending to your needs and desires, but also be mindful and willing to acknowledge the needs of others. Try to have more patience with yourself and others this week and don't take things too these are difficult energies to keep in balance.

Adding to the conflicting energies, there is also a difficult alignment happening with the Sun, Venus and Chiron. Venus is the planet of love and relationships and Chiron is known as the "wounded healer". Chiron represents our emotional pains that we try to bury and this will bring up any buried pains and insecurities surrounding intimate relationships to the surface. You will feel a stronger need and desire to have love and affection, but at the same time notice more fears in regards to being vulnerable. The energy of the Sun in Aries will make these energies feel much more intense and make these feelings and desires hard to ignore. We also have a positive alignment with Saturn during this time which will create a desire for long term and something serious. This gives the determination to face and work through any issues that present themselves.

This full moon will be one that opens up your heart chakra to a new level. Chiron is showing you emotions and pains that you have tried to bury and Libra is giving you the desire for love. The best way to work through this is to focus on heart chakra work. If you experience difficult emotions coming up, give yourself time and permission to feel these emotions. The best way to heal emotions and past pain is by letting yourself feel them....don't try to avoid the pain or discomfort, but instead embrace them, cry it out, release it in any way...just don't try to avoid it. This is how we heal and open up our heart charka to receiving. Write down your feelings, take a salt bath, and set aside time to pamper and love yourself. Try some heart chakra affirmations this week such as "I am worthy of the purest love", "I forgive myself for mistakes of the past", "I let go of resentment", "I embrace peace and love in all my connections", "I give love and love comes back to me". Try wearing more green or pink colors this week, especially close to your chest. Crystals such as rose quartz, jade, amazonite, rhodonite (or any other green or pink crystal) will help to keep your emotions in balance and help you embrace more compassion for yourself and others. The heart chakra is associated with the element of air. Doing deep breathing exercises or simply focusing on your breathing is a great way to open up and balance your heart chakra as well as helping you to keep your emotions in balance. Make the effort this week to take some time out for deep breathing exercises or meditation throughout the week to easily work through this full moon intensity.

Remember, full moons are times of releasing what is no longer serving us. Take note of the difficult energies and emotions coming up for you this week and understand you are being shown things that need to be changed or let go of. This is all for the purpose of bringing you closer to more loving and balanced connections.

As always, Full Moon Readings are available for $30. Message me to book yours today! Sending you all much love!


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