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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini Nov 30, 2020

On Monday November 30, we will experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini. This promises to be an eye-opening time that will bring in a great deal of honesty and unexpected changes that will ultimately help us onto a more positive and expansive path.

Lunar Eclipse are times for great change. Eclipses highlight the shadow/hidden aspects of ourselves and our lives and push us towards taking action to release what is no longer serving us. Bad habits, addictions, unhealthy relationships, and restrictive belief systems will be highlighted and challenged during this time. Gemini is the sign of communication, intellect, adaptability and curiosity. This full moon will push us to examine the way we communicate with others as well as how we are listening and taking in information around us. Our belief systems will be challenged during this time especially with the lunar eclipse energy bringing in unexpected change and energy.

2020 has ultimately been the year of awakening. The number 2020 itself represents clear thinking. Numerologically 2020 breaks down to a 4 which represents stability and structure and foundation. This year has forced all of us to examine the structures we have within our lives starting with our own stability, our relationship to authority, and the structures in place in our lives and society that are restrictive and serve no purpose. This particular full moon is going to ask us to look at the structure within our own personal belief system. What views and perceptions have been keeping you in unhealthy or unfulfilling situations? The energy of this full moon will guide us to hone in on what our fundamental needs are and asks us to prioritize our needs over our wants right now. As human we all have fundamental needs for survival and they include physical and financial security, good health, love and companionship, and an environment that promotes well being as well as growth. Understand that ALL of these are needs and that any area in life that is lacking in these basic needs are what you are being guided to focus on during this time. There are times we sacrifice certain needs assuming that one need or want is more important than the other. Having lack in our most basic needs can lead to unhealthy behaviors in many areas of our lives. Lack of love (for self and from others) can lead to a stronger focus on physical needs that ultimately create physical addictions and obsessions. Lack of financial stability can form unhealthy bonds to others which ultimately creates codependent relationships. It is important during this time that we focus on our needs and work towards brining in balance to ensure all of your needs are addressed in order to bring positive change moving forward.

The moon represents the Divine Feminine energy, comfort, our emotions, our deepest needs as well as our own relationship to our mother. With the Lunar eclipse highlighting shadows, our emotional beliefs will be challenged during this time as well. This time period is going to highlight our relationship to our mother and mother figures within our lives and how that has affected us moving forward in our own personal relationships. The mother relationship is our first introduction to an emotional support system and in essence teaches us how to love ourselves and how we find and feel supported within our emotional world. Any imbalances within this relationship (whether the relationship was lacking in emotional support or it was too overbearing) will cause imbalances in our close connections in our lives moving forward. It is important to examine your connection to your own personal divine feminine energy during this time and take time to be honest about your own needs within your emotional world.

Eclipses bring change and sudden revelations that help us to move towards expansion and growth. With the Gemini energy of curiosity, this is a great time to dive deeper and learn more about yourself as well as the perceptions and belief systems you hold within your life. With Gemini being an Air sign and the sign of communication, Throat Chakra imbalances and blockages will be highlighted during this time as well. Take some time to focus on bringing your throat chakra into balance by focusing on how you communicate to yourself and to the world. Take some time to journal or write, do neck stretches, use your vocal chords by singing or talking more, focus on breathing and incorporate more of the color blue into your surroundings, specifically around your throat chakra.

I am offering a special Eclipse/Full moon reading this month for $25. Message me for details and to book your reading today! Sending you all much love!

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