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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Taurus 11/08/22

Tomorrow is the Full Moon in Taurus along with a lunar eclipse (and we will not have another lunar eclipse until 2025). Full moons bring light to darkness and combined with an eclipse, help bring clarity and sight to our shadows and things that have been hidden. You can expect for alot of truth to be revealed to you during this time....whether it comes from others or in seeing things you have neglected to acknowledge or understand within yourself. This is a very destined period....everything that is happening during this time is for your highest good and to help put you on the path you are meant to be on (Not only is the moon in Taurus, but the North Node as well, which represents your true path and purpose). Taurus represents comfort, stability as well as pleasure and financial stability and these will be the areas that will be affected the most. It's important during this time to recognize what we hold onto in order to bring us comfort and make sure these are not toxic or giving us a false sense of security. Taurus asks you to focus on what holds value and meaning in your life and this energy will help you align with that path. Be prepared for alot of truths to be revealed and possibly some unexpected changes.....Understand that what is being shown to you and what is changing is to help you release what is blocking your path to true comfort, happiness and stability.

We are in extremely strong Karmic energy right now....meaning everything has consequences, good or bad. Take time to reflect on what your own personal truth is and let go of anything that is not in alignment. Full Moon readings will be available for $35. Message to book and for more details. Much love ❤️

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