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Full Moon Pisces 9/10/22

Get ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone 😉 The day after Mercury goes retrograde, we will dive into the emotional depths of the Pisces Full Moon on September 10th. This full moon, in the dreamy sign of Pisces, is encouraging you to take time to reflect on your dreams, your spiritual purpose and anything that needs healing and closure in your life. Full moons are times of release and this full moon is asking you to release anything that weighs heavy on your emotional world. With this happening during Mercury Retrograde, the focus will be inward and you are reminded that any changes you want to see externally, need to be changed internally first. There will be a connection with Uranus and Neptune during this time that will bring in new insights and emotional breakthroughs, helping us step out of negative cycles and karmic energies for good. This is a time to surrender and trust in something bigger and a time to embrace that you are here for something beautiful. Intuition will be more powerful than logic during this time and being pushed out of your comfort zone and routine will be your biggest blessings. Go with the flow, follow where your feelings are taking you and enjoy the ride. Full Moon readings will be available for $30 this week. Combine with Mercury Retrograde Reading for $50 for both. Message to book ❤️

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