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Gemini Full Moon 12/07/22

December 7th brings in the final full moon of the year and in the active, communicative sign of Gemini, promises to close out the year with a bang. Gemini represents the energy of thought, ideas and communication, meaning this full moon will feel less emotional and more thought provoking. The full moon is in sync with the Mars Gemini Retrograde which will bring some tension and frustration to this energy, so make sure you give yourself time and space to ground and breath. This full moon will be bringing in a burst of energy to get things done, fix any problems and make things happen...which is great energy and will help you work on any goals effectively. But this is also coming with an air of will want everything and want it now...which may create conflict with those around you. With Mars being in retrograde through the end of the month...forward movement will still be inhibited and you will be forced to practice a little patience. Use this energy to work on clearing away clutter and dealing with all the mundane tasks that need to be done...instead of letting yourself get too frustrated with things that can't happen now. This energy will bring alot more directness to communication. Problems in relationships usually exist because of poor communication and a lack of direct, honest conversations. It's important during this time to work on more direct communication instead of leaving too much space for assumptions. Be mindful that the energy is more tense during this time making people more combative or passive aggressive. This is a good time to clear the air (peacefully) and get things out in the open. As we are closing out 2022, let's make sure we create space for fresh starts. Full moon readings will be available this week for $30. Message to book. Much love ❤️

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