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Happy New Year 🥳

Are you ready for 2023?? 🎊🥳

Numerologically 2023 will be a 7 year. So what does that mean? 7 is the number of spirituality, analytical vs intuitive thinking, and the search for the truth. In tarot the Chariot card and the Tower card are both number 7s. The chariot represents the ability to use, understand and balance the energies of light and dark in order to successfully move forward on the path for your highest good and desires....while the Tower represents the complete destruction of tradition and blockages in order to have clarity and a new perspective. Both cards reflect the need to embrace new knowledge and understanding and both represent significant movement and changes in life. 2022 was the number 6....asking us to balance our lives and take responsibility for our world....which has prepared us for 2023....a year of moving forward on a higher, more spiritual and more evolved path. And on a positive note....7 is also a lucky 2023 is sure to be filled with wonderful blessings. I will be offering the new year reading for $30. Message to book 🥰 Much love and Happy New year 🎉

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