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How to work with the Moon Phases

In our astrological chart, the moon represents our emotions, feelings, comfort and our home life. Because of the moon's close connection with the earth, we feel the changes of the phases in the moon especially within our emotions. Our ability to manifest our deepest desires depends largely on our emotions and our feelings and by learning to work with the moon, you can also learn to more effectively manifest your dreams. The moon also enhances our own nurturing abilities and our ability to heal ourselves and so, by mastering the moons phases, understanding the changing energies and effects, you can easily flow through any turbulent times and make it easier live as the highest version of yourself.

We begin with the New Moon. This is when the moon itself is not visible and a time that represents new beginnings. This is a time to completely release blockages and make space for allowing new to enter your life. This energy is perfect for manifesting and setting intentions. During this time you may the desire to withdraw more, as there is still the cleansing energy of the previous moon phase. This is a time to reflect. There is a new spark in the air, so this is a great time to start focusing on what new you would like to bring into your life. Think about new projects, new desires in love life, new healthy routines...keep the focus in on what you want to manifest. New moon rituals are helpful during this time. For the new moon it's all about setting intentions, so having a journal to write down new intentions is a great ritual for this time. Sage and clear the energy of your house, let some fresh air in, take time to meditate and light candles (colors should be based on desired intentions).

The waxing crescent moon begins the day after the new moon and lasts for six days after. This is a time to solidify and anchor the intentions you set for the new moon. The energy is moving forward and its a good week to focus on writing affirmations and practicing visualizing your desired results. To make this easier, take one thing/one area of life that is most important and keep the focus on that throughout the week. Take whatever practical steps that you can, even if it is just writing affirmations. The act of bringing the energy into your day to day routine helps manifest it to you easier.

The first quarter or waxing quarter moon is the day after waxing crescent. This is where the energy begins to heighten and any blockages or resistance to your new intentions will show up around this time. This represents a time for readjustment if needed and showing you what is blocking this desire. This is a good time to address these issues, as the energy is more positive passionate during this time.

The waxing gibbous moon begins the day after first quarter and lasts for 6 days. This is when the energy is at its highest and the ideal time to pour your heart into your desires. You will feel more excitement and passion during this time and this energy gives new perspectives on opportunities available to you. This is time to follow your heart and intuition, so 3rd eye chakra mediation is helpful during this time.

We then enter the full moon. While the full moon only lasts for a day, the energy is usually felt for a couple of weeks, as this is when the energy of the moon is its strongest. Because the moon is completely highlighted during this time, it is a time when your intuition is at its highest and brings in new creative energy as well as powerful intuitive insights. This is a time for breakthroughs. Full moons are also a time of release. Everything is highlighted during this time, especially the things that block your desires. This could be intense positive energy or intense emotional energy, depending on the desired manifestations. Keep in mind what is highlighted for you during this time and focus on releasing what is no longer working. Rituals to practice during this time are those that involve releasing. This is a time to create space, get rid of clutter and reflect on the blockages and what is being released. Take time to journal and look over the changes that have occurred over the past weeks. Take time to sit in the moonlight, take a salt bath, dance, or anything to release any emotional tension. Take time to be grateful for the things you are releasing and the growth that these things brought into your life.

The day following the full moon is the waning gibbous. This is a time to continue focusing on releasing and what is blocking. Give yourself permission to get some extra rest during the next 6 days and let yourself completely let go of any intense emotions.

The waning quarter or last quarter lasts for one day after and this is a day for internal work. You might feel drained and so take this day to really nurture yourself. Let yourself rest, meditate and relax as much as possible. Pay attention to messages from your guides as you might find increase dreams and encrypted messages from you guides during this time.

Finally the last 6 days are the waning crescent moon. This brings in the energy of the new moon approaching. This brings in a sense of relief and so use this time to ask yourself what positive changes you would like to bring in to your life.

Taking time to journal your thoughts, feelings, desires and perspectives during the moon phases really helps with emotional healing work as well as helping you tap into your own intuition more.

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