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Lion's Gate 8/8 Portal

Monday August 8th is the Lions Gate 8/8 portal which is energetically the luckiest day of the year. In numerology 8 is considered the number of abundance and wealth and infinite energy flow. This day also coincides with an alignment with the Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) and the star Sirius (the brightest star of the sky). Combined with the powerful fire energy of Leo season....this brings powerful energy to manifest your dreams and desires. Think of this day (as well as the days preceding and following) as a quadruple charged new moon and use this energy to set intentions, new goals and new desires. Think of the image of the number 8 and how it shows the flow of energy.....the energy you are giving out is the energy that is flowing back to you. It's important to remain hopeful and confident about the intentions and dreams you set for yourself and it's equally important to let go of energy that will not allow what you desire to come in. Take time to release what no longer serves you including limiting beliefs and fears. Trust in your ability to manifest and have more. I am offering the Lions Gate portal reading this week for $35. This will be a 30 minute reading helping you to focus on what to manifest as well as what needs to be released and what to expect during this portal in your life. Message to book yours and for more details. Much love ❤️

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