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Mars Gemini Retrograde

Ok... I know you're all sick of the retrogrades and astrology madness.....but its apparently not sick of us lol. Yesterday began the 3 month long Mercury In Gemini Retrograde 😖🤪

Remember, retrogrades are periods of self reflection and times where it is best to think things through before making any major decisions...they are times to reevaluate our path and our methods for moving towards our goals and our happiness. Mars is the planet of action, passion, boundaries and overall when this planet reverts, we will feel more sluggish and lack of ambition. This is time to reevaluate what our desires are and how we are using our energy to our benefit. With this retrograde being in the mentally active sign of Gemini we will likely find that we are overthinking or feeling more anxious and it could cause more friction and tension in our communication with others. Mars Gemini Retrograde is kinda like a mercury retrograde on yea....this will be fun lol. This is a time to really focus on where you are exerting your energy and efforts and make sure your efforts are helping you move towards your desires. This time it will be especially important to put up boundaries with others especially in our communication. Notice where you feel the most tension and frustration during this time because this is showing you an area of life that needs to addressed and looked at from a new perspective. What are your passions and desires? What motivates you and fuels your passion and excitement for life? This retrograde will show you what is blocking that energy. Remember retrogrades are internal energy....meaning the change needs to happen within you and within your mindspace first and foremost. I will be offering Mars Retrograde readings for thr next month for $40. Message to book and for more details. Much love ❤️

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