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Mercury Aquarius Retrograde Jan 30 - Feb 20

After a short break from retrogrades, at the end of this month we will enter into our first retrograde of 2021. On January 30th Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Aquarius until February 20th. Mercury is the planet of communication, ideas, thoughts and creativity. Aquarius is the sign of collective energy, technology, networking, intellect and out of the box thinking. Since both energies are very similar, expect communication and technology to be more strongly affected during this time than normal.

Retrogrades are times when things seem to go backwards or slow down. The energy and aspects of the planet going into retrograde, will be the energies affected within our day to day life. This is nothing to be worried about, as these are just times that are meant for reflection and times to tweak things that are not working. Understand that Mercury rules the more physical aspects of communication (messaging, speaking, documents, etc) and so when dealing with this retrograde energy, taping into your higher aspects of communication (specifically by following your intuition and taking time to meditate and reflect before taking action) will be more beneficial and bring better results.

Aquarius is the sign of the collective and ruled by the 11th house of friendships and networking which means our connections to others will be strongly affected during this time and be what is on the forefront for the next few weeks. We are now in the more expansive Aquarian energy and more focused on what is good for the collective as well as expansion within our own lives. Any connections that make us feel stuck or in lower energies will become less tolerable. We will want to connect with more uplifting and expansive people as well as feel more drawn to more eccentric energies. The connections that seem to remain the same will no longer feel fulfilling.

Mercury retrogrades always bring in issues with miscommunication and technology mishaps so keep that in mind over the next few weeks. Understand that technology issues and delays (phones, computers, internet, etc) are probable during this time so give yourself some extra wiggle room, time and patience to deal with anything that comes up. Think before you speak to avoid conflict in communication and try not to take things too personally during. Aquarian energy is known to forget a phone call or text, so try not to get too offended if you feel that someone has ignored you lol...they probably just forgot to hit the send button.

This is a time to look at what is working for you and what is not working for you moving forward. This energy is all about looking towards long term plans and finding creative and new ways to solve problems. There is more focus on collective energy right now and coming together and working towards something bigger. While you might find you are feeling more tired during the next few weeks and finding more issues with communication, understand that your connections to others are still important right now. Look towards the people and ideas that give you inspiration as well as being willing to distance yourself from those you leave you feeling sluggish.

Aquarius is the ruler of change and expansion. Take time for introspection and reflection and tuning into your inner guidance. Take note of things that seem to feel extra irritating or difficult over the next month as this is showing you areas that need to be addressed and what needs to be tweaked or released all together.

Throat, third eye and crown chakras will be more affected right now and by working to keep the higher chakras in balance you can navigate through this time easily. Meditation is always the most helpful with the higher chakras so try to take time for mediation daily (moring in the best time). Also drink lots of fluids (water) to avoid headaches.

I am offering Mercury Retrograde readings over the next two weeks for $25. Message me to book yours! Sending you all much love!


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