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Mercury Retrograde Taurus 4/21/23 - 5/14/23

Welcome to the start of Mercury Taurus Retrograde 🤪😅

This retrograde is not so much focused on communication, but rather how our beliefs affect what we are learning and processing and thus growing and evolving. What you believe of something affects how you interact with it and how you are receiving any information. If you believe someone is a manipulative person, you are not going to trust anything they say. But if you believe someone to be honorable and respectful, you would cling to everything they said as valuable and truthful. Someone with a strong belief in the teachings of the Bible is not likely to value what an atheist were to perceive or say and vice versa. Once we have made up our minds about anything, we usually don't look too far beyond what we already believe and communication ends up just being a tool to validate what we think we already know...thats all we will hear regardless of what is said.

Staying in this pattern and mindspace is what keeps cycles repeating and will keep you feeling as if nothing will ever change. Sometimes, nothing is changing because life is asking you to learn. Real learning is when we can see situations and people without the lens of assumptions or judgment and without allowing what we believe to affect how we are listening. Your beliefs and values are important, and you should always remain true to what you value....but that doesn't mean that what others believe and value is not just as meaningful.

Mercury Retrograde will last through May 14th and is asking us to simply slow down and change the way we look at things. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 🙃

Mercury Retrograde Readings are available this weekend for $30. Message to book ❤️

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