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Mercury Scorpio Retrograde Oct 13 - Nov 3, 20220

As we enter mid-October, we are greeted with 3 weeks of Mercury in Scorpio in Retrograde. Welcome to the darkside lol. The next few weeks promise to be filled with unexpected secrets coming out and new truths to be revealed. Don't let this worry you though, as this also promises to bring powerful changes that are true and deeply meaningful for you.

Mercury is the planet of communication, learning, technology, travel and ideas. Scorpio is the planet of the unknown, death, rebirth and intense depth. Retrograde periods are times when the energy of the planet and zodiac sign and turned inward. This presents us with time to review and reevaluate our own depths, how we communicate and learn and express our own truth and completely remove the things that have restricted our growth. Scorpio is also represented by the Phoenix, the symbol of rising from the ashes after devastation and a symbol for hope and renewal. This is a time for you to look deep within yourself and recognize how powerful you truly are. Explore your own inner depths, not just the light but the darkness as well. Embrace what makes you YOU.

Mercury retrograde will bring in the usual energy of miscommunication, unexpected delays (especially in travel) and technology glitches. Be mindful of this and double check messages before sending, prepare for unexpected delays and trust that whatever difficulties do arrive are simply showing you something that needed to be addressed and fixed anyway. Mercury retrogrades are also infamous for bringing exes back from the dead. This is not to torture you, but to show you where there is closure needed or unfinished business that needs to be addressed. So if you do experience a return of the ex, ask yourself if there is any closure needed or if you still hold pain or negative thought patterns as a result of this relationship. Do you still harbor resentment or have you embraced the growth you gained in the relationship. This is time to release that and let it go for good. Clear the air, release the emotions, whatever needs to be done to clear yourself of any negative energy that holds. Exes also return to show you how much you have grown and to remind you to appreciate where you are now.

The Scorpio energy of this retrograde will bring out a great deal of secrets, hidden motives, hidden essence Mercury Scorpio retrograde will be forcing a time for cleaning out our closets. You might find during this time that you have a great deal of buried pain or difficult emotions from the past coming up to the surface. Any pain or difficulty that is not addressed mentally and emotionally will continue to block your own growth and manifest the same negative energy until you address it, heal from it and release it for good. If you notice difficult memories or emotions coming up during this time make sure you take extra time for yourself and space to relax and take care of you.

Scorpio is a natural investigator and that is where your mindset will be during this time. You will want to find the truth and will not settle for a superficial answer or validation. You might notice during this time you feel less trusting of others and may even begin to feel paranoid about the motives of others. Understand that this energy will bring out the truth and reveal to you things you need to see regardless, so try not to spend too much time trying to overanalyze the motives of others...The universe is taking note ;)

This is a time for reflection and review and a great time to focus on diving into your own deeper, hidden truths, fears, blockages and desires. Make time for you right now and take note of what is being shown to you, good or bad. What is it in your life that keeps you still or in a place of mistrust? Where in your life to you need to explore a deeper understanding? What fuels your passion and what keeps you from pursuing that? What is your own personal truth and how do you express that to the world or those close to you?

The next few weeks will be a great time to focus on throat chakra work (communication and self expression) and crown chakra work (learning to trust in the unknown and be in the present moment). Take time to meditate or do some deep breathing exercises daily (morning seems to work the best). Give yourself more time and understanding and patience and make sure you are giving others the same thing. Communication also involves listening, so ask yourself how present you are in learning what others are expressing and showing to you.

A reminder that Mercury Retrograde readings will be available the remainder of the month for $25. Message to book appointment through the website or through my Facebook page ( ).

Sending you all much love


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