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New Moon Aquarius Feb 11, 2021

Thursday February 11th will be the New Moon in Aquarius. New moons are times for new beginnings and ideal times for setting intentions and manifesting new into our lives. Aquarius represents the sign of expansion, out of the box thinking and innovation. This is the perfect energy for expanding our thinking and setting intentions towards bigger and better things for our future. This is a time to really focus on the NEW and things that will bring a level of expansion into our lives.

We are currently in what is called a planetary stelllium in Aquarius. This means we have 6 planets and the moon all lined up in the expansive and unique energy of Aquarius. This makes this energy and the energy of the New Moon much more powerful. This is a time to examine and set new intentions in every area of our lives as the energy of change and expansion is affecting love, communication, connections, work, finances and our home life. This is a very high vibration energy, which helps to open new doors and helps to manifest our desires at a quicker rate, so be mindful of what you are focusing on. For the remainder of the month, what you focus on will focus on what you want, what you desire, and not on what is not working.

Aquarius asks us to take a deep look at ourselves and embrace what makes us unique. We are meant to embrace our true authentic selves and feel freedom in showing who we are to the world around us. If we want to embrace and attract experiences that are true to us, that will bring us the ultimate fulfillment, we must be willing to honor who we are and find comfort in showing our truth. Take time to look at your day to day routine. What parts of your daily life represent you, your desires, your dreams, your passions? How much of your life is for you and how much represents what you feel you are supposed to be? It is time to embrace more of what feels good for you and this is the perfect time to begin focusing on manifesting experiences and people who will encourage that.

In the midst of this beautiful Aquarian energy we are faced with some turbulent energies that may cause a great deal of tension and confusion. On the 17th of Feb Saturn in Aquarius is square with Uranus in Taurus. This represents a great deal of completely conflicting energies. Saturn restricts and wants structure while Aquarius wants freedom. Uranus is chaos, awakening and unexpected change while Taurus represents tradition and stability. This might make you feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place at times. You will feel a huge desire for new and big changes but at the same time feel restricted by feeling a need to be responsible or restricted by rules or traditional beliefs. Aquarius has a tendency to carry an energy of stubbornness and impatience and you might find that this intensifies over the next week. The key to navigate through this easily is to try to find balance within structure and freedom. Set intentions for new and be willing to set a structured plan to begin setting things in motion. Also keep in mind that this energy is meant to help you expand. It helps to bring in expansion by bringing in new inspiration and new ideas along with the focus to learn from the past. It is about embracing traditional energy that has worked for us thus far, letting go what is not working, and inviting in new ideas to build something better.

Along with this energy, we have a positive influence of Venus conjuct with Jupiter. This gives us a desire to make positive changes and a desire to approach things with an energy of love and compassion. It also brings in an element of good luck, money and success so there is a huge bonus there! With Uranus in Taurus, be prepared for unexpected changes within your home life and finances. The energy of Aquarius and the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will ensure that these changes are followed by success.

Keep in mind that this is a week of intense energy. Be prepared to feel more fatigued than normal and give yourself extra time for rest and relaxation.

As you set your new intentions for the new moon, be open for new inspirations and new ideas to flood in. Your intuition will be heightened during this time so pay attention to your dreams and synchronicities that occur as these will show you new paths available to you.

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Sending much love!


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