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New Moon Aries April 12, 2021

Get ready for a welcome burst of passion and determination as we welcome the New Moon in Aries on April 12th! Aries represents the first sign in the zodiac, meaning that this new moon represents the start of a new astrological year. This will bring in powerful energies of renewal, rebirth and new beginnings. Aries embodies the energy of passion, determination, courage and confidence making this one of the best new moons for setting intentions and manifesting your desires.

Think of this new moon as a time to getting moving on any dreams and desires you have for yourself. What is it that you want to accomplish over the next year? This is the perfect time to start getting plans in motion. With the moon, Sun, Venus and Mercury in the powerful sign of Aries you will be gifted with plenty of energy and confidence to achieve any goal you set for yourself. With Venus in Aries we are able to connect our heart and our passion with our desires and intentions, making the energy perfect for bringing in exactly what we need to accomplish anything.

With Aries being such strong fire energy, this new moon can also bring up a great deal of frustrations and even anger during the week (not only from you, but from others as well). Be mindful of the things that are causing you frustrations right now. This is showing you areas of life that need to be addressed. You will feel such a push to get things accomplished and anything that seems to be standing in your way will bring in more anger than usual. Use this energy to tackle your problems as well as your dreams. What is it that you want in your life? What types of energies and people to you want in your life? Anything that is causing frustration and anger is showing you what you don't want. Try to release this frustration in a healthy way and then shift that energy into something positive. When you notice something that frustrates you and shows you what you don't want...ask yourself what you want instead and make that something you add to your new moon intentions. Keep working to shift your energy to focusing on what you do want and you will find that this new moon energy brings in new opportunities to move towards what fuels your passion.

Aries energy is connected to your solar plexus chakra. Your solar plexus charka is where you find your personal power, your motivation and confidence. Take some time this week to focus on this chakra to keep it open and balanced. This chakra is associated with the element of fire and one way to bring balance to this chakra is by lighting candles, incense, sage or even by watching a bonfire. Write a list of intentions and then light a candle to help bring energy to your manifestations (if you have a yellow candle this will work even better as yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra). Citrine, Tigers Eye, and pyrite are great stones for this new moon and the solar plexus chakra. Try to carry one around with you throughout the week to bring in a boost of confidence and to help ground the energy.

New moons are for new beginnings to use this time to welcome in new energy into your home by saging/smudging your house, do some light spring cleaning and open up the windows if you can to welcome in new energy.

As always, New moon readings are available for $30. Message to book yours! Sending you all much love!


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