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New Moon/Black Moon Cancer July 20, 2020

On Monday July 20 we will have the New moon in Cancer. This is the second new moon in Cancer season, which is why it is also called the Black moon. New moons are times for new beginnings and setting new intentions while black moons represent stepping into completely new phases and journeys in our lives. Cancer is the sign of nurturing, deep emotions, our home life and our sense of comfort and security, so our new beginnings will be surrounding these areas. Because it is in Cancer and the second of the month, this new moon will be more emotional than most new moons. This is a time to turn inward and reflect on areas of self love and nurturing as well as a time for healing deep emotional wounds. You will feel more of a desire to shut the world out during this new moon and it is a good idea to welcome and embrace that need this week. This is a time for setting new intentions, but ones that bring us happiness on a more personal and emotional level, so it is important to take time to focus on what your own personal needs and desires are right now, free of the needs and desires of others.

During this new moon Saturn is in direct opposition of the moon. With Saturn being in retrograde also, this is pushing us to take more responsibility for our lives and look more deeply into our role in the blockages and difficulties in our lives. We have been working hard this year to release toxic situations and relationships and now it is time to see what we need to release and change within ourselves to achieve emotional fulfillment. You will be able to see where you want changes moving forward, but also feel restricted because of Saturn. Saturn retrograde slows us down in order for us to learn the lessons we need to learn. You will begin to take more notice of your own bad habits, negative routines, and limited viewpoints that have caused you to feel blocked. Saturn is all about karma. This is a time for releasing karma and doing things the right way this time around.

We are focused more on expansion and seeing the bigger picture and making more long lasting fulfilling changes right now. Bringing these types of changes requires balance in our mind, body and spiritual needs. Its about making choices that bring us into alignment. This is a good time to let go of worrying about things we cannot control and put focus into what we can control and that begins with us. When you feel good within yourself, it is easier to navigate your way forward on a new path.

This is a time for peace, relaxation and gaining clarity. It is a great time to start nurturing yourself more and bring the focus towards self love. Focus on bringing comfort into your surroundings and adding in daily routines that allow you time to focus on you. The placement of Saturn might leave you feeling as if others are not acknowledging you or your needs, but this is to get us to shift our focus on what we can do for ourselves and how we are limiting our path to personal happiness.

This new moon will bring endings especially to relationships and situations that have brought more emotional pain then good. Some of these endings might be painful and its important to take time and reflect on what these situations have taught us about ourselves and our needs. Being able to find the lesson and see the positive in these endings is what helps to clear out the karma and make way for more fulfilling situations.

So make yourself a nice salt bath this week and eat some ice cream and pamper yourself a little while you are writing down your new moon intentions! New moon readings will be available for $20. Message to book! Sending much love all!


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