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New Moon Cancer July 9, 2021

Get ready to embrace all the feels as we enter the energy of the New moon in Cancer. New moons represent times for fresh starts, setting intentions and are great energies to focus on starting something new. Cancer is the sign of nurturing, comfort, intuition and is ruled by the moon, making the energy of this new moon very powerful. This new moon is guiding your focus towards where you find security within your emotions and creating a nurturing environment within your home and immediate surroundings. Now is the time to focus on nurturing your close relationships, making your surroundings a sanctuary and embracing a deeper love for yourself.

With the Sun and moon both in the sign of Cancer you will notice your feelings more during this time and will find that you are feeling more sentimental, compassionate and empathetic. This might initially bring up more intense emotions than usual and so it is important to embrace all the feelings you are experiencing. Take extra time to nurture your emotions, good and bad, as this energy will help you heal any heavy feelings more effectively. You will notice you dreams and intuition are stronger during this period and you are being guided to lead by your emotions and let go of overthinking. This energy is getting you more in touch with yourself and your spiritual side so take time to embrace this by writing down your feelings, meditating daily and finding ways to express how you are feeling to those you are close to.

This is a time for opening up and balancing your heart chakra and the best way to do that is to learn to love yourself first. You are most important right now so take time to rest, rejuvenate and have compassion for yourself and your own needs. Remember we can only receive the love we feel we deserve and the best way to open up to the love we want is by seeing ourselves in a loving way. Focus on your home environment and take time to create an environment that reflects you and gives you comfort. Clear away any clutter in your surroundings and take time to clear your own energy as well by taking a salt bath and smudging your surroundings.

This new moon is sextile Uranus which will bring in a more rebellious attitude and a stronger desire to express your own individuality. You are being encouraged to be bold and take action towards things that feed your soul. Be prepared for unexpected expressions of feelings from others as well and others being more comfortable in showing their uniqueness.

Remember, new moons are about setting new intentions. This is a time for setting intentions related to your family, love life and your spiritual growth. Write down what you want to bring into your life in these areas over the next month and light a white or green candle during the new moon to activate these intentions (White is for healing, spiritual activation and protection and green is for heart chakra healing, abundance and love). Some good crystals for this new moon are Amethyst (for tapping into your intuition), clear quartz (for clarity and manifestation) and heart chakra stones such as Jade, emerald, or green fluorite (for heart healing and opening to abundance). You can keep these either close to your bed or with you over the next two weeks to experience the strongest benefit.

As always new moon readings are available for $30. Message to book yours! Sending you all much love!


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