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New Moon Capricorn Jan 13, 2021

January 13, 2021 will be the first new moon of the year and falls in the hard working sign of Capricorn. New moons represent times of new beginnings and focusing on setting new intentions and this is a great time to begin focusing on your goals for 2021. Capricorn is the sign of determination and gives us the energy to put in the work and effort towards our long term goals. The focus during this time is on the long term future and our long term goals.

While normally the energy of the new moon brings in a sense of optimism and excitement, other planetary aspects occurring during this time are bringing in more tension than normal and this new moon is bringing very intense and complex energy with it. This complex and intense energy is serving a purpose and if you are able to work with this energy, you will gain the perspective needed to clear away what is not working and bring in new perspectives for bigger and better new beginnings.

This new moon is conjunct with Pluto, the planet of transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Keep in mind that Capricorn is a more restrictive and grounded energy so these combined will bring an element of tension. Pluto wants complete transformation, which means the need to let go of predictability, comfort, and control while the sign of Capricorn IS that of predictability and control. This energy is asking you to focus on your own personal power and how to use that to your benefit. Our own personal energy is extremely powerful and in that energy we have an immense capability to influence our surroundings and the outcome of our life. We have the capacity and ability within ourselves to create the life we desire. The problems and difficulties we face are usually a result of some fear or insecurity or belief system we hold within ourselves that does not serve us. We doubt our own power and seek validation and energy (power) from others or we do the opposite and shut ourselves off from certain people or circumstances in an attempt to hold on to our power and energy....both of which keep us in a place of a constant power struggle with others and within ourselves. With this energy of change and transformation being presented to us, the intensity within us increases...we are wanting to embrace the change, but because this energy is bringing in such extreme changes we feel as if we are losing control and begin feeling the need to try to control the outcome. This will bring up power struggles within ourselves and those around us. The good news is that this energy is also bringing in a desire to get to the root of problems and the dedicated energy to work through those problems effectively. Understand that when you are embracing the energy of hope, optimism, joy, excitement and trust within yourself, you easily manifest the dreams and desires that you want. Being in the energy of fear, doubt, uncertainty or lack of trust will manifest more circumstances to be fearful of. Use your energy to create and focus on the things that you want for yourself as opposed to focusing on the things that you feel have gone wrong.

During this new moon, Mars is also square with Saturn, which is also a very contradicting energy. Our desires our becoming stronger as well as the energy to chase after our desires but with Saturn we are met with restriction and it feels as if we are unable to express our desires or we are met with resistance. The harder you push for something, the more resistance you are met with. The key to working through this is to understand that restrictions are showing you what is not working and showing you where you need to change perception. The way that you have previously done things has more than likely not brought you the ultimate fulfillment that you desire, which means that we have to begin to go about things in a new way.

Jupiter is square with Uranus which is bringing in more uncertain energy. This brings in unexpected changes which is causing more tension. We are being presented with this huge desire to bring in big changes within our lives as well as unexpected changes that are meant to help encourage this change....but the changes are more than likely things that we did not expect. You might be presented with sudden changes within your finances or your a shift in the direction you want your life to go. You feel excitement and sense the big opportunities opening up for something new, but also an energy to rush forward and grasp at it out of fear that the opportunity wont be there for long. Understand...that is an energy of trying to control and manipulate the outcome out of fear and fear does not bring in the positive change you desire. Do not try to force change just for the sake of change right now. The opportunities are there for you. Use the practical energy of this Capricorn new moon to let go of the impatience and take practical steps to plan for the new beginnings you desire. Have patience that things are moving forward for you and don't try to force things to happen instantly. Remember, the joy is in the journey itself and not in the destination.

Mercury is also square Uranus during this time which brings in a level of excitement as well as the possibility of unexpected news and new ideas and perspectives. The unexpected brings in a nervous tension, but the energy also gives us the ability to see new perspectives. This time is all about looking at our lives in a new way and allowing new ideas to enter in order to bring in the new life we are wanting. This energy is about embracing the new...Old ways don't open new doors! Embrace the tension you are feeling during this time as it is showing you opportunities to change your perspective. We want new, we crave more, we desire positive changes....and that means that we have to embrace experiences that are unknown and that we don't necessarily have the ability to control. What we can control is our own energy and our own perception. If we are able to work towards keeping our energy positive and looking forward with excitement instead of fear, we open ourselves up to the new that we desire.

We are being guided during this time to reflect on the past year of our lives. 2020 was definitely a very chaotic and stressful year for most. 2020 was a year meant to bring in awakenings and new perspectives. 2021 is a year of big changes. Look at how far you have come within your own personal journey in the past year. How much of your own perceptions of yourself and your life changed? How much have you grown? Take a moment to be proud of how far you have come and embrace the changes you have experienced. New moons are a time of setting new intentions and this new moon is asking you to set new intentions from this new knowledge you have gained within yourself and from what you have learned. We cant possibly continue to hold onto the same desires and same intentions from the year before, as we are not the same as we were then. So open up and embrace the new! Look towards bigger and better for yourself and use this time to open yourself up to new dreams, new visions and new opportunities.

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