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New Moon Leo 8/08/21

The confident, bold Leo energy is in full force this week as we step into the New Moon in Leo on August 8th. The energy of this moon will feel pretty intense as we not only have the Sun and the moon (our ego and our emotions) in the sign of Leo but we are also in the middle of the very powerful Lions Gate portal (which peaks on the same day as the new moon). Leo represents confidence, generosity, compassion and bravely following our hearts. Leo is represented by the Strength card in tarot...which represents the perfect balance of strength and gentle compassion.

New moon represent times of new beginnings and new inspiration and this new moon is asking you to take a moment to focus on what your heart wants and needs. What sparks your soul? What fuels your passion and makes you feel all gushy inside? When we experience situations that leave us feeling disappointed or hurt we tend to shut down the needs and desires of our heart out of fear of experiencing more pain or being let down. At some point we begin to realize that shutting down our emotional needs is just as painful. Our souls long to feel and we can only shut down our desires for so long. With the strong Leo energy of this new moon we are gifted with the confidence and inspiration to dive deep into our hearts desires and follow a path towards emotional fulfillment.

This new moon comes along with a Saturn/Uranus square. Saturn is the planet of restriction and karma while Uranus represents freedom from restrictions. This can bring in some very unexpected changes, but these changes are breaking away what is restricting you from your own path and your own fulfilment. This is also an energy that gives us the strength and opportunities to break any bad habits or self-sabotaging energy and helps us let go of things that are no longer serving us.

Leo energy is centered in your heart and solar plexus chakras. It is important to work on balancing these chakras over the next week. Solar plexus represents our will power and self confidence and the heart chakra shows us our ability to give and receive love. Some good crystals for this energy are Citrine, Jade, Rose quartz and Tigers eye.

Take time to set intentions for the new moon and let the intentions be centered around love, compassion and what the needs of your heart are. This energy will bring in powerful opportunities, miracles and sudden breakthroughs...So when you set your intentions, you can dream big! New moons are great times to clear away any clutter and clean house...Remember you need to make room for your new beginnings!

As always, new moon readings are available for $30. Message to book yours today! The Lions Gate Reading is also still available for $30.

Much love!


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