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New Moon Pisces ♓️

If you're feeling a little more dreamy or especially tapped into your intuition, you can thank the approach of Pisces Season ️ And we kick it off tomorrow with one of the most magical New Moons of the year

Pisces is an energy that feels everything deeply, not only is the physical realm...but in the emotional and spiritual world as well. Pisces represents creativity and possess an amazing ability to dream absolutely anything into reality. The new moon tomorrow is the perfect time to set intentions for your biggest dreams, especially those that are connected to your deepest emotional desires. This is a time to focus on what you are feeling...follow your feelings, your intuition, and all those spurts of inspiration. This is a time to let go of logic for a little while because what you feel and sense will show you more truth. The only downside to this energy is the fact that you will feel alot...Pisces take on the emotions and energy of everyone and everything around them and at times it can be difficult to know what it is you are really feeling. Take extra time to yourself this week and make sure you are taking time to ground your energy (you can ground easily by taking 5 minutes to focus just in deep breathing and focusing on what is going on in your immediate surroundings or by taking time to step outside and breathe fresh air).

While new moons are times for new beginnings...what you are letting go of will he just as important during this time. What are you holding onto? Now is the time to be pursuing and nurturing the things that you want....if anything you are grasping to is preventing you from doing that, this is a good time to clear and release.

Pay attention to your dreams and intuition as you will find a great deal of clarity in the not so obvious places 😉 New Moon readings will be available this week for $30. Message for more details and to book! Much love ❤

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