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New Moon Sagittarius ♐️

Welcome to Sagittarius Season and the approach of the Nov 23rd Sag New Moon 🌚 Sagittarius is the sign of optimism, new perspectives and the search for deeper truths. Sagittarius energy asks you to shoot your shot and aim for something bigger. This new moon is combined with a positive Jupiter trine and with Jupiter being the planet of luck and ruler of Sagittarius, this is the perfect time to set bigger goals and focus setting on intentions that encourage growth. This is a good time to take a good look at the potential you see within yourself. Are you giving yourself the credit you deserve or are you settling for less than extraordinary out of fear of failure? Does the life you are living reflect who you really feel you are and your true desires....or is it a reflection of limits and fears projected onto you? Are you playing it safe or taking chances to pursue fulfillment? This energy asks you to explore a little. Anytime we expose ourselves to something new and outside of our comfort zone, we give ourselves opportunities to discover more of our strengths, talents, likes, dislikes and passion....we open ourselves up to learn deeper truths. When setting your intentions during this new moon, don't hold back....give yourself some excitement and new experiences. New moon readings will be available this week for $30. Message to book ❤Much love ❤

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