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New Moon/Solar Eclipse Gemini June 10, 2021

Get ready for some exciting and inspirational new energy as we step into the New Moon in Gemini combined with a Solar Eclipse on Thursday June 10th. New moons represent times for new beginnings, setting new intentions and opening up to new opportunities. Solar eclipses bring in an extra burst of energy and confidence and opportunity to break free from any rut you have felt stuck in. You might find you are feeling extra restless right now and more of a push to bring in big changes in your life. The combined energy of a new moon and solar eclipse adds your power to manifest and determination to bring change and so this will be the perfect time to get started on any new goals or changes you have had sitting on the back burner.

The new moon is in the curious sign of Gemini giving us a stronger desire to learn more or explore new ideas and new options. This is a time to expand your mind and your thinking as that is what will lead you to new inspiration and help to open new doors. While Gemini is the sign of communication and opens up more of a desire to communicate, we are still in Mercury retrograde period (until June 20th). This might bring in some difficulties in communication or getting ideas across to others so its important to slow down and tap into your intuition as well. What is important to focus on right now is how you communicate with yourself and your own thought process. We tend to be our own worst critic. Our thoughts and ideas and words are powerful and its important to take some time to take note of how our perception of yourself affects our outer world and what we manifest into our lives. Try using the powerful energy of this new moon to work on being more of a cheerleader for yourself mentally. Take time daily to write out or speak positive affirmations and watch how it will shift your energy throughout the week.

Solar eclipses tend to bring in sudden change and sudden clarity in situations we have felt unsure about. Take time to notice what areas of your life are experiencing the biggest shift or upheaval. This is showing you where change is needed and where you will likely gain the most clarity during this new moon. You will also notice a great deal of synchronistic events over the next couple of weeks and new unexpected opportunities coming towards you so get ready to embrace the change you have been seeking.

The new moon is conjunct with Mercury and square with Neptune and that might bring in some mental confusion or feelings of mistrust when it comes to communicating with others. Be mindful of where you are feeling uneasy especially in communication with others and try to tap into your intuition in situations you feel unsure about. Don't feel that you have to make any quick decisions and be sure to read between the lines in situations that seem off. It's also important to try not to take disagreements or difficulties in communication too personally right now and understand that it is just the collective tension we are all feeling.

This is a good time to work on your Solar Plexus and Throat chakra. Our solar plexus is our fire, our inner power and our strength in bringing in positive changes, while our Throat chakra helps us to communicate more effectively and stand confidently in our own truths. Solar plexus is fire energy so take time to light candles and smudge your surroundings to activate that energy. Also try some meditations and carrying around yellow crystals such as Citrine for the week. Throat chakra is represented by air/wind and can be balanced by singing, writing, or even listening to music. Try wearing blue close to your neck this week and carrying blue crystals such as Lapis or Sodalite.

New moons are times for "spring cleaning" so take time to clear away clutter in your house and surroundings and open the windows to bring in fresh new air. Take time to write down intentions and light a candle to add power to the intentions.

As always I am offering New Moon readings for $30. Message to book yours today. Sending you all much love!


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