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New Moon Taurus May 11, 2021

It is time to do a reset of your energy and goals. The New Moon in Taurus on the 11th represents a time for us to take a step back and reevaluate what is important to us and set intentions for new dreams and manifestations in our lives. It is time to dream bigger and set long term goals. New moons represent times of new beginnings and fresh energy for new opportunities. Taurus is the sign of patience, practicality, sensuality and asks us to look at what we place value on. This new moon is bringing in creative and romantic energy as well as the focus to and patience to put this energy to good use. This new moon is asking you to look at what is important to you in terms of relationships, work and your physical surroundings. Now is the time to set intentions to manifest more of what you place value on.

This energy is asking you to slow down, retreat and focus on self care. Remember when you feel good within yourself it is easier to see new opportunities in front of you. Taurus is a very physical sign and has a strong connection to nature, so make sure you take some time to ground your energy and spend some time in nature over the next week. Make a list of intentions and goals of things you would like to manifest and accomplish over the next 6 months. Don't feel that you have to rush and get everything accomplished at once, but instead ask yourself what practical steps you can take every day to bring things into fruition. This is not a time to jump in head first or try to control the outcome, but sit and allow ideas and opportunities to flow.

This new moon is sextile with Neptune in Pisces which is bringing in very strong intuitive and dreamy energy to the week. You will notice your intuition and imagination is heightened as well your sensitivity to the energies and emotions of those around you. Pay attention to what you are feeling and sensing during this time as well as your dreams, as this is giving you guidance on how to move forward towards you desires. This is also a great energy to help you manifest. Give yourself permission to daydream more often over the next couple weeks. Daydreaming is a great way to help manifest as it allows you to get excited about your desires. Dream up a new life and watch the opportunities flow! There is also a positive trine with mercury and Saturn during this time that will help to bring these dreams into reality...So dream big!

Another aspect affecting the energy over the next week is the Black moon in Lilith. This represents a strong, creative feminine energy and is pushing you to stand in your own power and recognize your true potential. You might feel as if you are in between worlds right now....In the midst of a huge shift and change in your life, but at the same time unable to see the new manifesting....this might feel uncomfortable but this is just a time for you to recharge. Think of yourself as being a butterfly still in the cocoon...things might seem dark or uncertain right now, but the end result of the transformation process is worth the wait.

New moons are great times to clear away anything stagnant so take time to clear away clutter in your home and cleanse your own energy as well by taking a salt bath. Some good crystals to keep with you or around you during this new moon are emerald, rose quartz and tigers eye (emerald is the stone for inspiration and heart activation, rose quartz for heart healing and a more peaceful energy and tigers eye for confidence and patience as well as increasing intuition). This is also the time to set intentions. Write down things you would like to bring into your life and light a white candle during the new moon. Keep your list with you throughout the week and stay open to new opportunities coming towards you.

As always, new moon readings are available for $30. Message to book yours! Sending you all much love!


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