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New Moon Virgo Sept 17, 2020

On Thursday Sept 17th we will have the New Moon in Virgo. New moons represent new beginnings and a time to focus on manifesting new into your life. Virgo is the sign of dedication, attention to detail, healing and diligence. This intensely focused energy makes it a great time to begin working on personal goals as it gives the energy to stay focused and finish what we start.

The sign of Virgo is very in-tuned to the physical body and health and wellness, making this the perfect time to begin that exercise routine, new healthy eating plan, and even working on emotional healing needs. Along with this new moon we are also in the middle of Mars being retrograde in the sign of Aries. This is pushing a lot of aggressive, action oriented energy inward and may cause a great deal more frustration than normal. While this is a very tense time and one that can cause a great deal of uncertainty or feelings of being restricted, this is also a great time to use that Virgo energy to work on healthier ways to deal with our pent up energy. You will find it easier to stick to a routine as well as stronger willingness to accomplish whatever goal you set for yourself.

This is a great energy for your work environment as it makes you more focused on the details and getting things organized. It's a great time to set schedules, complete to-do lists, and even finding more practical and efficient ways to get the job done. You will be able to smash whatever goals you set for yourself during this time, so work on that project or goal you have set on the back burner.

Virgo is known as the healer of the zodiac. We all possess a strong ability to bring healing to our bodies, mind, and emotions. Take time for you this month and your own emotional and physical well-being. Starting a meditation or any type of spiritual practice this month will bring in great results. Root and heart chakra work will be beneficial this month and will help to keep you feeling balanced and at peace.

With this new moon the moon aligns in a 90 degree angel to lunar nodes causing what is called a "moon wobble". This brings in a huge increase in energy but will also make you feel a little uneasy, unbalanced, or "wobbly". This will bring in an element of uncertainty and possibly unexpected events, so try to keep yourself grounded and avoid making any hasty decisions over the next two weeks. This energy brings in awakenings and huge potential for growth so take time to notice where your thoughts and emotions are going during this time, as this is showing you opportunity for change that brings long term stability and a deeper fulfillment. Pay attention to any negative, heavy, or toxic emotions or feelings that come up during this time and use this Virgo energy to focus on healing and releasing these energies. You will have much more clarity on your path to fulfillment once this energy is cleared away.

Overall, this promises to be a much more productive 2 weeks so enjoy this energy! New moon readings are available for $25. Message to schedule appointment.

Sending you all much love!


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