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October Astrology -- Welcome to the Shitshow ;)

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Fair warning....With 2 full moons and 7 retrogrades, October might feel like a bit of a roller coaster ride. This is just adding more excitement and drama to the already fun filled 2020....the year of our forced awakening. Keep in mind though, that this is always for the best....any great change in your life will always be preceded by a time of chaos. Complete emotional fulfillment and openness for abundance requires complete clearing of the energies that have restricted us and sometimes it takes a little shaking up to clear the past away.

The good news is that we are in Libra season. With the sun in Libra for the majority of October we are focused on creating harmony, justice, doing what is right and making balanced decisions. We have more of a desire for togetherness and cooperation within our relationships and surroundings. We want to work together as opposed to looking to serve ourselves. Overall October will force us to face and address any relationship issues and Libra season assures we are in the mindset to do what is best for all. The negative of this is that we tend to be more indecisive, but with all of the tense energy and Mercury retrograde this month, making any major decisions is not necessarily in our best interests right now anyway.

Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd. This gives us a desire for deeper commitment and loyalty within our relationships. We crave deeper connections and relationships where there is mutual respect and understanding. We are more likely to express our love in practical ways by doing physical things for our loved ones and being there to support. We are extra focused on details in relationships and within our surroundings this month and will want to give extra attention to making things perfect. For those already in relationships, this brings in a stronger energy for working through any issues in relationships as well as bringing in an extra spark of passion to our connections. This won't bring beautiful verbal expressions of love, but instead you might find your partner and loved ones showing up for you more. For singles, this might bring in more difficulties in connecting with new dating prospects as Virgo tends to make us extremely picky in our future partners. You might find yourself examining new romantic interests with a fine tooth comb. You have more of a focus on long term commitment and loyalty and wont want to waste time on anything that has the possibility to bring in superficiality. This transit will also give us a more practical perception of money and give us more of a desire to focus on savings and our long term financial goals.

Jupiter and Saturn (both in Capricorn) have finally turned direct and we will see more opportunities for increased abundance especially if we have and are continuing to put in the work. Capricorn is the sign of diligence and hard work and with the planet of luck and karma both going direct, we will begin seeing our efforts pay off and our good karma being returned to us. This brings in a very expansive energy especially with long term goals and career. Don't worry too much if you don't feel you have done enough as this energy lasts until the end of the year. Just keep in mind and effort put towards being responsible, hard work and bringing balance will be rewarded with good luck and higher frequency energy. for the fun stuff lol

There is a very strong energy around healing old wounds and going deep into our own personal darkness this month. This might feel a little intense during the first couple of weeks of October, but this is meant for us to heal deep traumas and past wounds in order for us to move towards the abundance we seek.

So we began this month with a full moon in the aggressive sign of Aries. Full moons are about releasing the old and Aries is the sign of warriors, taking charge and aggressive energy. With Mars also being in the sign of Aries and being in retrograde this is causing us to feel a great deal of tense and frustrated energy. This full moon is conjunct with Chiron (also retrograde in Aries) which is known as "The wounded warrior". Chiron represents our biggest wounds and our greatest fears and setbacks. This is causing all of this to come bubbling to the surface. This will show us our greatest challenges, but also show us where this stems from. Be prepared to feel some deep frustrations and feelings from long ago resurfacing. Remember, full moons are about releasing the old, so find healthy ways to release this aggression and emotions. Cry if you have to, scream, engage in more physical activities and give yourself more time to pamper yourself and get rest. With Mercury in Scorpio this gives us a deeper understanding of these tense energies coming up and the ability to face them once and for all and move forward. Chiron is our ability to heal ourselves. And this intense energy is doing just that. To find more details about the issues that will come up for healing this week take a moment to find your own personal Chiron placement. The link below will help you find it.

We begin October with Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury is about learning and communication and Scorpio is about exploring the depths and darkness, so we will be in a very inquisitive and investigative mood this month. We crave deeper conversations and knowing those around us in a more in depth way. There will be less of a desire for anything superficial or casual conversations. We will have a tendency to read more between the lines right now and rely more on our own intuition than logic. Scorpio is a very intense energy and this will push us to be more driven to get to the bottom of things and figure things out. On the 14th of the month Mercury will go retrograde, meaning all of this intense and investigative energy will be turned inwards. This gives us a desire and a push to explore our own inner darkness and deep emotions more. This energy will have a tendency to re open past emotional wounds so keep that in mind if you are feeling a little more emotional this month. You will feel more of an urge to protect your energy and your feelings and you might find that you are struggling trusting the motives of others. This will be a great time for gaining emotional clarity as the energy will be focused inward. This gives you a desire to fight against control and stand in our own personal power which will give you the push to break through any emotional barriers placed by old wounds or the perceptions of others. Scorpio is the sign of intense transformation and rebirth and this retrograde is helping to purge out any darkness that has left you feeling restricted (especially in how we express ourselves and communicate to others). This will also bring a lot of secrets and hidden things to light so expect the unexpected.

The new moon in Libra on the 16th will bring in fresh energy into our relationships and partnerships. This brings a bigger desire to bring harmony into our relationships and because this is also a supermoon, the energy is more positive to bring balance and compassion in. This month in general will really bring huge shifts in relationships. In long term relationships, this will be the make it or break it time as any unresolved issues are forced to the surface to be addressed. If your relationship can survive the darkness, the good news is that the new moon will give us the optimism to fix issues and work through in a positive way.

Finally the last full moon of the month....on Halloween, in the sign of Taurus the bull and also a blue moon! This brings in once and a lifetime opportunities for big and powerful changes all around. Again, full moons are about releasing and this full moon will highlight our need to release any material possessions and desires that keep us for leading emotionally fulfilling lives.

This month is a very strong month for in depth healing and releasing all that has been forced away in a closet. Keep the focus on your own healing and be mindful of the emotions that you are experiencing right now. Every emotion is a message for healing this month. You will be glad that you put in the work as we have the blessings from Jupiter and Saturn backing you up!

I have specials this month for readings on self healing as well as a mercury retrograde reading! Message me for details and to book your appointment.

Much Love,


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