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Pluto Retrograde 2021 - Ending Power Struggles

Pluto Retrograde 4/27/21 - 10/06/21

For the next 5 months Pluto is in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Retrogrades are periods where the energy of that planet goes from forward moving to focusing inward, giving us time to reflect, review and reevaluate aspects of our life that might need adjustments. Pluto is the planet of major transformations, endings, rebirth and holds the hidden energies of our subconscious. This will be a time for us to really dig deep and acknowledge where we are standing in our own way as it will illuminate our darkest truths (hidden fears, insecurities, etc). Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, discipline, self control, power and karma. This retrograde will really bring to light karmic issues and lessons that need to be faced and learned especially in relationships and negative behaviors and patterns in our lives. Pluto shows us where we use and misuse our own power and Capricorn represents our energy of power and self control and that will be the major theme of this retrograde....How we use our own power and where we give that power away.

We hear all the time that we need to "Take our power back", "Stand in your power", "Own your power"....But what exactly is your power? Your power is your energy, your soul and your ability to confidently stand in and live your own personal truth. When we are standing in our own personal power we are able to live life with a sense of purpose and confidence, unaffected by the perceptions of others and thus able to manifest the environment and surroundings that we desire. Most of us have experienced situations in our lives where we have witnessed people abusing their power. The idea of having power alot of times is perceived to be an ego trip or seen as someone who uses their own resources as a way to take advantage of others. So when we try to step into our own power alot of times we find difficulty in that because power is seen as more of a negative than a positive. We find that when we do stand up for things we feel strongly about we are met with conflict and tension. At times we feel that in order to stand in our power we must put our guards up and protect ourselves from others in an extreme way but that never seems to work....because that is a misuse of our power. Holding on to your personal power is just as destructive as giving it away. In order to effectively stand in your power the first step is changing your perception of what power is. Power is simply confidence (not arrogance) in yourself and your truth. Confident enough that you don't feel the need to hide it, that you don't question yourself or your desires and confident enough that the perceptions of others have to bearing on how you see yourself and the world.

This retrograde will show you where there are power struggles in your life. When we experience retrogrades the energy is turned inward...making it impossible to ignore. What that means is that the power struggles and toxic energies that you have been accepting in your life will become more and more unbearable to sit in, thus forcing you to address them and make changes. So where are you giving your power away? Where are you holding to tightly to your power? The best way to see and work through this is to pay attention to your own energy over the next few months. What times to you feel good, free and confident in yourself and your energy? What people or situations tend to drain your energy? Where do you feel powerless in life? Where do you spend your own energy and how much of that is to your benefit?

We see a great deal of power struggles in the relationships in our lives. Most people hold a great deal of insecurities when it comes to relationships and those insecurities become power struggles. We have been burned in relationships in the past and so to combat that we put up walls, we put rules and guidelines and timelines up, we hold ourselves back, we struggle opening up....relationships in a way become more of ownership or a power struggle than genuine connections. We either feel as if we are sacrificing too much in relationships or have to constantly be on guard. We have to be willing to see our own insecurities and fears when it comes to relationships in order to get rid of the power struggle and we have to be able to take a level of responsibility in the role we play in our connections. Everything is energy....EVERYTHING...and that means we are getting what we are giving with our thoughts, perceptions of ourselves and our own actions. One would think that means that if you are sacrificing and over giving of yourself in a connection then that should mean you get the same from the other person.....But what are you saying when you are sacrificing in connections? You are saying that you don't feel worthy enough to have your own needs are telling that person that they are more important than you. Sometimes when we see that we have been sacrificing in a connection we try to combat that by taking back our power....but we tend to overdo it and shut down expecting the other person to get into that sacrificing energy that we felt we were in.....Creating a constant power struggle and a constant energy of imbalance. This goes for romantic relationships as well as friendships, work relationships, and family.

This retrograde is asking us to take time to focus on our own personal truths. Find your confidence, what makes you feel like YOU and embrace that. Ask yourself "Who am I, what do I want in this life?"...and then pay attention to where you feel most yourself in your day to day life. Where do you feel good and what situations drain your power or make you feel powerless. Pluto wants us to stand fully in our own truths...scars, darkness and all and embrace it. By embracing ourselves and having confidence in our own truth we are able to use our personal power to manifest the life and surroundings we want. If we want authenticity from others, we must be willing to live authentically ourselves without fear. If we want to live the life that gives us fulfillment, we must find the confidence in ourselves to know that we deserve it all.

This energy is very strongly connected to your solar plexus chakra. To help navigate through this energy easily make sure you are taking time to do solar plexus chakra work often throughout the next 5 months. There are a great deal of meditations on youtube that you can work with. Also try to bring in the color yellow to your surroundings more often and carry yellow crystals (like Citrine) to help boost confidence. Take time to set new goals for yourself, make to-do lists daily, and take time to focus on bigger long term goals.

I will be offering a Pluto retrograde reading for $35. This reading will help you see where your personal power is, what things are taking that power and how to use that to your benefit. Message to book yours!

Sending you all much love!


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