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Sagittarius Full Moon 🌝

Welcome the last full moon of spring 🌕 Tommorow, June 3rd, will be the Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius ♐

Full moons are energies of illumination and heightened energy, with the purpose to help you fully realize your goals, needs, and desires as well as anything that may be holding you back from having that. Sagittarius energy brings in the desire for expansion with a purpose and encourages us to dream bigger and explore our passions. This particular full moon is strongly focused on showing us the path to our true purpose. We all have a purpose and a path that will give us true fulfillment in life....and contrary to popular belief, that path is not one set religion or religious view, nor is it a career or obtaining the perfect relationship or status. Our purpose involves tapping into who we truly are as individuals and freely expressing that into the world around us and within our day to day life. Your path and purpose is unique to you and this energy is going to help you to see what is in alignment with your path and what is not genuinely authentic to you. You are being guided to really put in the work towards what your goals and desires are during this time, but to also pay attention to where you are hitting blockages and difficulties....this is a time to sit back and reflect on whether the path you are pursuing is truly resonating with who you are. Sometimes blockages are messages that we are on the wrong path and need to reevaluate what our needs and desires really are. What you want doesn't have to be logical, but it does need to make you feel inspired, allow you to feel free to be who you are and fill you with a sense of purpose. Be mindful of where your focus is going right now...good or bad...because that is going to help you discover your purpose.

Instead of Full moon readings this month, I will be offering readings to help you understand your path and purpose during this time for $50. Message for more details and to book yours. Much love ❤️

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