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Saturn Aquarius Retrograde 2021

Saturn Aquarius Retrograde 2021

From May 23, 2021 thru Oct 11, 2021 Saturn will turn retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Retrogrades are times where the energy shifts inwards in order for us to reevaluate our path in life. Saturn is the planet of karma, responsibilities and reward for hard work. Saturn retrogrades always represent very significant periods of personal growth and clearing away of karmic cycles in our lives. Aquarius is the sign of creativity, freedom, out of the box thinking and our connections to others. Aquarian energy is drawn to the collective and humanity as a whole. This Saturn retrograde is asking us to turn inwards and ask ourselves what is our own personal role in the collective? What is our role in our relationships, family, society, etc. We are being asked to reflect on how our own perceptions, thoughts and actions are affecting our reality.

During this time the connections in our life will take up alot of our attention. Our connections to others play a huge role in our own personal growth and happiness and it is important to take note of how your connections add value to or add stress to your life. In essence we are who we surround ourselves with as our relationships are a reflection of us in one way shape or form. You might notice that you feel less trusting in relationships or have more of a fear of being judged by others. Understand that this is to push us to look within ourselves and ask ourselves what part to we play in this connection...the good and the bad. What we see in others or chose to see in others is a reflection of us. It shows us our ideals, dreams as well as our fears and insecurities. This time is asking you to take time to get to know yourself again. By fully understanding and knowing our true selves...the good, the bad and the ugly, we embrace the capability to easily understand and have compassion for others.

This is a time to reflect on the type of energy you want in your life vs the type of energy that you are accepting. Ask yourself what changes can be made to bring more of what you desire in your life. Remember that Saturn rewards hard work, so be willing to take any step you can towards creating what you want. We are not expected to achieve everything steps are just as important.

This is a time of karmic rebalancing. Its a time to tie up lose ends and let go of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life. This is also a time of good karma and effort being rewarded, so no matter what...Just keep your eyes on the prize.

I am offering a Saturn retrograde tarot reading for $30 to those interested. Message for details and to book!

Sending you all much love


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