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Saturn Retrograde -- Instant Karma

We are currently in a Saturn Retrograde period that will last until Oct 23rd. Retrograde periods are meant to be times for inner reflection and taking time to acknowledge our own role in what is manifesting in our lives. Saturn is the planet of restriction and karma...Which means, what we are feeling restricted by during this period is karma that we are needing to take responsibility for and clear. It means doing the right thing will be rewarded and the latter will bring instant "karma". This period is asking us to look at where we are passing judgement. "Judge not, lest ye be judged." We must learn to take responsibility for the judgements we are holding of others. What we judge in another is likely something we, ourselves are guilty of. Take note of the times you are judging another, seeing another in a negative light, or making an assumption about ask yourself honestly if you are guilty of the same in any area of your life. This does not mean to find fault in yourself or punish's to get you to have compassion for yourself and others and understand we are all one is perfect. When we learn to see our own faults, take responsibility for our own role, we begin to see our external world reflect that same respect and compassion.....But it all starts within you.

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