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Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset

One of the most important concepts to embrace and understand in life is the knowledge that EVERYTHING is energy. That is not just what we see in the physical sense, but our feelings and emotions, our perceptions, our thoughts....Everything carries an energetic frequency. Our experience in life is happening because of the energetic frequency we are emitting and surrounded by. Lower perceptions and feelings such as anger, fear, and the perception of lack are on lower frequencies while feelings of love, appreciation and abundance exist in higher frequencies. In short...what you feel about and how you perceive yourself, other people, your surroundings, and about life in general will determine the experiences you encounter. Switching your mindset and perception from a lack mentality or scarcity mindset to the mindset of abundance is one of the most powerful changes you can bring into your life.

So what exactly is a "scarcity mindset"? It is the idea that there is not enough, that there are limits to what others can receive, that abundance is only for a select few or that abundance in any area of life comes with some sort of price or expiration date. It's the perception that no matter how hard you work, you will have to struggle for money. It's the feeling that you have to close yourself off to others or protect yourself from being vulnerable in order to avoid heartache. It's the idea that when you receive something good, it will be taken away somehow if you aren't careful. It shows up in the form of jealousy, fear, anxiety, stress, low self esteem, depression, envy, and lack of trust. It's such a long held perception that most people hold onto at some level in their lives that you probably don't even realize how much of your thought process is more lack focused than abundance focused. If you spent a day writing out all of your thoughts you would probably be appalled at how often your thoughts and feelings are centered in a lack based mindset.

If we were to look back and see where we developed this type of view, it probably goes back to childhood. If your family was large, you were probably taught that there was little to go around. If you ever heard adults fight about money or saw adults struggling with finances, you learned that abundance was a difficult thing to have. If you grew up in a poor family, you might have even grown up to resent the idea of abundance and having money. If we saw struggles in our parents friendships, families, or relationships then we developed a more scarcity based view of relationships...leaving us feeling that good people and good relationships are hard to come by. The more we grew and encountered bad relationships, bad friendships and seeing things that appeared to be bad luck...the more we developed the concept that abundance and happiness is something not everyone will have and we get comfortable and adjust to the life of lack. We feel that we are simply here to suffer, that life is just going to be a constant battle until we die and go on to something better. What we fail to realize, is that the reason we are consistently in these lack situations, the reason we continue to have bad luck in our lives is because of the feelings and perceptions that we have inherited about life and about ourselves growing up.

The more we feel worthy of abundance, the more abundance we receive. The more we work to switch our perception towards that of abundance, the more we are able to experience a more fulfilling life. We are all here on this earth to experience abundance, to experience ease, love, joy and happiness. There truly is no limit to this, as energy itself is limitless. The more you raise your own energy and frequency by raising your feelings and perceptions....the more abundance you create. It truly is that simple.

The first step to switching your mindset is to focus on your day to day thought process. Try to pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day, especially the ones that bring fear or anxiety. When you find yourself thinking or feeling a thought of lack or hopelessness, make a conscious effort to switch that thought to a more positive one. I used to hate spending money and would get anxiety every time i went to the store. I would worry about spending too much and leaving myself with not enough for the week. When i noticed my thought process i began to work to change my thoughts. Every time i spent money I would try to feel excited about what i was buying and I would tell myself that everything I spend comes back to me. After a few weeks, I noticed that it really was working. I began receiving money from unexpected places. It is difficult initially to change our thought process, especially perceptions we have held for so long, but the more you bring awareness to it, the easier it becomes to shift.

Learn to be in the energy of appreciation. Appreciation and gratitude are higher frequency energies and the more you are able to remain in an energy of appreciation, the more abundance you will manifest. The definition of appreciation is approval and increase in value. Appreciation automatically increases the value of your energy and the value of your experiences. Focus more on things that you enjoy, on things that bring you happiness. Take time each day to focus on the things that you are grateful for. This should not be limited to your surroundings and the people in your life, but most importantly for you! Take time each day to acknowledge your own strengths and the things about yourself that you admire. When you notice something during your day that you enjoy...spend more time on your attention to it. The more you enjoy and appreciate the more you will draw experiences to your life with those types of feelings.

And finally, the most important thing you can do is learn to trust. Trust in yourself, trust in your worth and trust that you are here on this earth to experience day to day experiences that are beautiful and mind blowing.

Sending you all much love!


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