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Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 5/16/22

Are you ready for some Full Moon Eclipse action? March 16th is the Full Moon in Scorpio along with a lunar eclipse, which is bringing in some pretty life changing energy. You are likely feeling the intensity of this energy already, as Scorpio is all about going to the depths and intensity. Lunar Eclipses bring in dramatic changes and breakthroughs and combined with the Scorpio full moon, you can expect to see alot of secrets and hidden things coming to light that will induce powerful change. This full moon is trine with Jupiter and Mars, which means that what is being shown to you during this time is meant to enlighten and expand your life and not to bring anger or harm....So try not to let any unexpected events bring you down...this is all for your benefit. The downside to this energy is that it is going to show you the people in your life that do not have your back....the people that are working against you...those who are manipulative or involving you in power struggles. Dont worry about trying to figure out who those people are....the full moon will do that for you. This is being shown to you so you can release what does not serve you. It's not time to get angry over deceit... Remember people are acting from their own places of pain and so nothing is really personal...let them go, you have better things to do. This energy is also meant to highlight our own inner shadows and is asking us to dig deep into our own personal issues. This is powerful energy that will help us to release old negative patterns, belief systems, habits, shame, fear and guilt. So take this time to acknowledge your own darkness....the only way to elevate yourself is to acknowledge the things that weigh you down within yourself. Full moons are times of release anything that holds you back and this energy is going to help you get to the bottom of what that is. I will be offering full moon/lunar eclipse readings this week for $35. Message for details and to book. Much love ❤️

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