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Scorpio Super Full Moon April 26, 2021

On Monday April 26th we will have our first Super Full moon of 2021. Supermoons represent times when the moon is closer to the earth, which makes the energy more intense and much more powerful and with this being in the intense sign of Scorpio, you can trust that this full moon will bring about very powerful changes.

Full moons are times of heightened energy, a time to see things clearly and a time to release what no longer serves us. It is a time when our emotions tend to be heightened, but also our intuition. Full moons are meant to show us anything that is blocking or hindering us from manifesting the life that we want. Scorpio is the sign of intensity, power, and depth. Scorpio energy is all about seeing things at their core, the good and the bad. This energy asks you to go to the depths, explore the side of yourself that you might feel is dark or negative (your fears, what you hold back from others, your insecurities and how you use your own power). The ability to embrace our own darkness is what sets us free and helps give us compassion for ourselves and others. This full moon is specifically asking you to focus on your attachments. What are the energies and ideas and people that you are holding onto, and are these attachments serving your personal happiness? What are you attaching yourself to that is keeping you feeling stuck? Take time to examine what you are holding onto and why you are holding onto to these things. The most powerful thing you can do when manifesting anything into your life is being able to detach from the outcome and by recognizing our own negative attachments in our lives, we bring ourselves closer to bringing in the fulfillment and excitement we desire.

This full moon is in opposition with Uranus which will bring a rebellious energy to this week and bring in a touch of the unexpected. Uranus likes to stir things up, but for the purpose of clearing away blockages and showing us higher perspectives. Be prepared for unexpected events, sudden changes and a more impulsive energy during this time. Understand that the changes and seemingly random events occurring during this week are for your highest good, so try to roll with anything that comes towards you.

This full moon is also forming a square with Saturn (along with the sun, Mercury and Venus). This will add a feeling of being restricted in some way especially when it comes to expressing yourself, connecting with others, and tension in relationships. This is showing you any hidden or deep insecurities you might hold and asking you to take time to release these insecurities once and for all. This is a time to embrace more compassion for yourself and let go of that inner critic.

The good news is that the full moon also has a positive trine with the planet Mars. This will give us that boost of courage, passion and strength and the ability to overcome any difficulty we might run into this week.

We are being pushed to release any resistance to change. Scorpio is the energy of deep transformation and we are being guided to embrace change on a deep level. Some good crystals to keep around during this time are onyx, hematite, amethyst, rhodonite and labradorite. These encourage deep change as well as help us see a deeper truth and bring a strong protection during changes in our lives. Take time to write down anything you want to let go of or anything you feel a negative attachment too. Write down what you wish to release and make sure to burn it during the full moon to release these energies for good. It is also a good idea to clear away clutter in your house and take a salt bath to reset your energy.

As always full moon readings are available for $30. Message to book yours! Sending you all much love!


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