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Super New Moon Scorpio Nov 14, 2020

On Saturday November 14th we will have a Super New Moon in Scorpio. It is considered a super new moon because this new moon is closer to the earth and so its effects will be felt on a stronger level. New moons represent time for new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, a time for rest and reflection on your desires and a time to reboot and regain strength. Scorpio is the sign of rebirth and intense transformations. With that being the case and the moon being closer to the earth, you might feel more tired or drained than usual during this time. Understand that rest will be important over the next week as this can bring in very powerful new beginnings and intense transformation and it is important to be able to feel relaxed and clear headed moving forward.

The day prior to this new moon we do have Mars leaving retrograde in Aries. The Mars retrograde has brought in energies of feeling stagnant and has made us feel unable to take actions we have wanted to take. With this energy returning back to normal this promises to give that extra spark and confidence we need to move forward through these energies and feel more confident any new ventures we desire to take on.

Scorpio rules the darkness and the depths and the unknown. The new beginnings you are seeking during this time will come, but by pushing you to face your fears, your own darkness and your vulnerabilities. Scorpio energy seems to move towards chaos and intensity, but this is for the purpose of bringing in intense transformations and removing any and all blockages in order to rise to a more powerful place within our lives. One of the symbols of Scorpio is the Phoenix, and that is because of a Scorpio's ability to go through such intense endings and rise from the ashes even better than before. If you have been feeling the insanity of 2020, you probably feel as if you cannot deal with any more chaos or change and have been left feeling at the end of your rope more often right now. This new moon is exactly the energy you need to see your own power and push you to rise above the chaos and endings you have experienced and bring in a new level of excitement to your life.

One important thing to address during this time is our use of our own power and the control dynamics in our lives. Where do you feel you are giving your power away? What situations do you feel powerless in and what situations to you notice that exert extra energy to maintain a feeling of control? It's important to acknowledge our own personal power and also understand that if we use this power in the right way we will be more able to manifest the life we desire. If we are consistently in situations where we feel we are giving our power away, we do not have the energy to put towards ourselves. When we feel we have to exert extra energy to protect ourselves from getting hurt or protect ourselves from things we feel are negative we are using our energy in an unproductive way. While protecting your energy is good, when you are fighting extra hard just to protect your energy you are also zapping that creative energy and preventing yourself from following your own passions, and following your passions is the best way to manifest the life that you desire. It is important during this time to really address the things that you want to change within your life and what cycles in your life have kept you feeling stuck in the same cycles. Take a moment to look into your own personal behaviors good and bad and take time to examine your own personal motivations within your life and your interactions with others. Take time to acknowledge where you hold yourself back out of fear or where you struggle with letting yourself feeling vulnerable. By taking time to acknowledge this and seeing the shadow aspects within ourselves we will be able to have more clarity and confidence in our own path and what we need to do. The simple act of acknowledgement of fears and shadows is much more powerful than we realize. Bringing something to light is the hardest thing to do...after it is acknowledged, the path forward is easy and the things that once seemed impossible or dark suddenly become clear.

This new mon is square Venus which might bring up difficulties within relationships as this is going to highlight fears that you and your partner have in relationships and might bring up a more obsessive energy. Keep this in mind right now and take time to acknowledge what fears in you are being triggered right now. This new moon is also within a positive aspect with Jupiter and Pluto and that will bring in a spark of optimism and will help us to see the bigger perspective of things. This will help give us the energy we need to be aware of the limitations and the confidence to break through and bring a new level of expansion.

Since Scorpio is also the sign of sexual energy, working on your sacral chakra will bring great benefits during this time. The sacral chakra is our center for creativity and passion and emotional expression. Try doing sacral chakra mediations and other work on this chakra such as wearing more orange, eating more orange foods, and doing things that are creative such as writing, drawing, listening to music, etc. This chakra has a strong connection to water so anything involving water will help. Drink more water, take baths, do any water activities you can such as swimming or being near water or even listening to water flowing.

As always New Moon Readings are available for $25. Message me to book your appointment. Sending you all much love.

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