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This Week in Astrology July 15-21 2020

We begin with the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Cancer. This means we are viewing and experiencing things on a more emotional and intuitive level and wanting to explore the depths of our feelings. This also brings in a desire to want to protect yourself and those you love and makes you feel more nurturing. Mercury has gone direct, which will bring a break in the communication difficulties we've experienced the past few weeks. In terms of our thoughts, learning and communication we are looking for quality over quantity. You will feel more desire to express feelings this week and be more open with those you feel close to. You will also feel more tapped into your intuition during this time and will feel more comfortable following your gut instincts. You will feel more comfortable making decisions following your heart this week.

We have Venus direct in Gemini which sparks curiosity in our love life. This energy makes you feel more social and communicative and you will find your desire to connect with others will be at a more mental and intellectual level right now.

We also have Mars in Aries which is giving us a boost of energy and making us feel more courageous especially when it comes to things we feel passionately about. This is giving us a strong desire to focus on bigger futures for ourselves as well as giving us the competitive energy to go after it. Be mindful to watch your temper during this time. Keep in mind things that are triggering strong emotions right now are showing you what you feel passionately about and what is important to you. This energy is very strong for making positive changes, but can also bring in a great deal of tension if it is not put towards positive action.

We do have 5 planets in retrograde during this time. This does bring in stronger energies of feeling blocked, slowed down, or inhibited in some ways and with all of these boosts of energy it can bring in tension. Retrogrades are times of reflection and reevaluation so take any periods of slow down as a time to review the things that are working and the areas you want to bring change to. Saturn is in retrograde in Capricorn and this is slowing us down to take a look back at our own path. We will want to look into the things that have went wrong in the past, what have been the blockages and holding us back and where we can make corrections moving forward. Capricorn represents the sign of hard work and this energy will give you more confidence and determination in bringing the necessary changes in. With Jupiter in retrograde as well we are reviewing soul contracts and our karma. We have a stronger desire to manifest things that are long lasting and expand our minds. This is a great energy for tapping into your spiritual side and bringing in new daily spiritual practices such as meditation.

With Neptune in retrograde we are able to see the truth through the fog and illusions. Things that have been leaving you confused and stressed over the past few months will seem to suddenly be more clear and you will see the deeper meaning in situations. We are also looking deeper into our own personal truths and the things we keep hidden from others. We are able to notice inner conflict more and also have the understanding of how we can incorporate what we are learning into our day to day life. Chiron is also retrograde in Aries. Chiron is the wounded healer, which means this is triggering things in you that will bring in healing and expansion. This energy will give you a strong push to really know and accept yourself as you truly are.

Overall the energies this week are giving us the huge push to expand and move through long held restrictions. We are craving fulfillment on a more personal and spiritual level during this time. Pay close attention to the things that are being triggered for you right now. This is helping to highlight the places in your life that need to be looked into further and changed. Pay attention to where you are giving your power away to right now. This is a time for releasing karmic/negative cycles so take time to look at things that you have held onto for long periods of time and ask if they are still important.

Enjoy the week all! Sending much love!


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