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This Week in Astrology July 26 - August 1, 2020

We begin this week with the Sun entering the sign of Leo. This will add a touch of excitement and flair to our days as we begin to feel a stronger desire for enjoyment and romance. Leo represents grand gestures, ideas and pride in ourselves which will give us more courage to express our uniqueness and put ourselves out on center stage. This energy has us putting more focus into ourselves so be mindful as this has a tendency to make us more self centered and vain at times. Let this energy give you a boost of confidence especially when it comes to expressing yourself....just don't be a drama queen.

Putting more focus onto ourselves is Mercury in Cancer. We are drawn to take a deeper look into our own emotions and feelings and feel more interest in things that are affecting us personally. Our intuition is heightened greatly during this time making it easier to process and express our own emotions as well as listening and understanding others on a deeper level. This is a great time for healing deeper emotional issues as you will be able to see and understand the lessons and growth and feel more compassion for yourself. We are seeking quality over quantity right now especially in terms of communication and information we are taking in making it a great time to connect with those we love and care for on a deeper level.

With Venus in Gemini we are feeling very curious and spontaneous within our love life and career. You might struggle with routine right now as you desire to explore more and see more sides to everything. Communication will be desired more and we will crave more stimulating conversations with others. This is also a time when we will be able to see different layers in those we love and within ourselves. We are seeking new and different and new understandings and that means wanting to understand those around us on a new level. This is a great time to ask questions and make more of an effort to communicate and listen in relationships. We might also be feeling the post retrograde energy during this times and that means issues with power and control in relationships might arise. We are feeling more of a desire for freedom right now and not want to feel to restricted within our connections. This might also bring up unreasonable fears of rejection or loss and bring up feelings of jealousy. We might see much more than what is really there (good or bad) as this energy gives us a tendency to over analyze and worry about things. Keep this in mind if any tension comes up in your relationships and be willing to take a step back before jumping to conclusions.

We still have 4 planets in retrograde this week pushing us to slow down and reflect inward. Neptune retrograde is pushing us to see the truth behind illusions while Pluto retrograde is forcing us to face our own shadows. We are being pushed to take more responsibility within our own lives, our emotions and our path forward. We are in an time where we are seeking expansion and experiences that bring in more emotional fulfillment and passion. Saturn and Jupiter retrogrades might have you rethinking your current career path and looking towards careers that are more personal to your own passions. This is a great time to research and learn more about the things that spark your interest.

There is a strong focus on the self this week. We are feeling restricted in certain areas of our lives in order to give us time to sit and reevaluate what we can do within ourselves to bring the desired changes to our lives. We are not victim to our surroundings or circumstances we are the creators of our lives and it's time to start playing our part in the future we desire.

Sending you all much love! Enjoy the week!


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